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Increase Content Discovery And Generate More Pageviews

Exit intent Recommendations

Convert your flybys visitors into engaged readers. Recommend contextual articles & encourage clicks

Sticky Bar Recommendations

Show recommendations at the bottom of the page, for an undisrupted reading experience.  

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Nudge readers to share the articles they like and generate more pageviews.


Get Flyby Visitors To Stay Longer With Exit Intent Recommendations

Retaining flybys is no easy feat, but timely interaction can be a game changer. Introducing Exit Intent Recommendations—a strategy that captures readers just as they're about to leave your site. Display contextually relevant articles based on their current page, seizing their attention. This could even prompt them to subscribe to notifications or emails, significantly boosting the likelihood of these departing visitors returning for more.

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Exit intent recommendations


"iZooto's Exit Intent Recommendations is easy to install and customize, and encourages our site’s visitors to read more of our content. I would highly recommend this to publishers looking to improve their website engagement and revenue"

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Combat Single Page Sessions with Sticky Bar Recommendations

Empower fleeting visitors by suggesting interesting articles, enticing them to delve further into your content. Sticky bar recommendations appear at the bottom of the screen ensuring a seamless user journey. Ignite more clicks, amplify pageviews, and supercharge on-site engagement.

Maximize Earnings through
On-Site Interations

Unlock additional revenue streams by featuring ads on both Exit Intent Recommendations and Sticky Bar Recommendations. Seamlessly enhance content discovery while simultaneously boosting your earnings potential.

Exit intent monetization

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Grow your revenue with ads on On-Site Interaction templates. Recommend articles and earn incremental revenue, all with just one product. 

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