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Segment your audience to send contextual push notifications. Drive repeat traffic, increase reliability and boost engagement. 

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Spray and pray do not work anymore. Every sensible marketer knows that. Segmentation has become vital to ensure that relevant notifications are sent to the readers based on geo, device, interest and behavior or activity on the website. Notifications that are contextual get higher clicks and increase the chances of readers sticking back. Send readers articles that they would like to consume to increase CTRs and while at it drive more page views and revenue. You can find these segmentation features across web push notifications and app push notifications.

Understand your audience to segment better and increase engagement


Bring readers to your website

Reach out to the right audience with the right content. For example, when sports enthusiasts get to know about the EPL matches, they would consume that news delightfully and clicks on notifications will skyrocket.


Reduce unsubscriptions

No one likes to receive notifications on things that they are not interested in. Segmenting the audience helps publishers not bombard them with irrelevant content, thus leading to lesser unsubscriptions.


Building Fans

Contextual notifications help in building trust with time. Being consistent in delivering quality content that they like to read, increases the chances of your audience being loyal and might convert into an audience that pays.

Segment users right from subscription to send contextual notifications

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Ask about the preferences of your audience at the time of subscription so that you can send them contextual notifications from day zero.


"The segmentation feature helps us differentiate which user bucket you want to send notifications to. Differentiating Breaking news, and daily coverage news and also segmenting them based on state has helped us get higher CTRs."


Engage Better By Knowing Who You Are
Talking To

Create your own custom audiences and personalize your push notification marketing at scale. 


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Kepler AI: Segmenting Without Any Effort

Deliver unique experiences to every reader with Kepler AI. Kepler AI takes care of segmenting the audience based on previously read articles and sends relevant notifications at a time they are most likely to click on the notifications. You can even automatically segment readers based on the category of pages they visit. 

With Kepler Ai comes zero manual integrations. The AI capability keeps getting powerful over time as you keep on using it. Marketers have seen 10X more clicks with the Content Recommendation Playbook compared to the broadcast notifications. 

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Going Hyper-local Is The Key 

Create segments of users on the basis of their geography and timezone. Send information pertaining to a particular region. A carnival in Dubai would make more sense to people in Dubai rather than someone in New York.



"We are in a 24 portal multilingual platform we cover stories across 28 States in 13 languages. iZooto makes it easier to create that kind of audience segment to reach out to the right audience."

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Stop Limiting Your Own Reach.

Start Segmenting Audience As Per Device.

Your audience behaves differently on mobile and desktop. Use the pre-built device-based segments of iZooto and create your audience accordingly.



Convert Recently Acquired Subscribers Into Repeat Visitors


Reach out to your subscribers who have opted in for notifications in the last 7-15 days. Converting these subscribers into repeat users is extremely critical to set the audience flywheel in motion. This helps you to idenify how your most recent audience is engaging. Also, this is the audience that is most active and tends to convert faster.

Speak To Your New Audience Separately  

Want to target new readers who consumed content on based on a specific category on your website? iZooto lets you build segments basis the reader's subscription on your website. (6)

Target Your Reader's Favorite
News Category

Choose from a vast range of categories your website has published content in and share the news that they're interested in reading.


Other Segments Editors Make Use Of For
Precise Targeting

  • Returning Subscribers

    Reach out to subscribers who have visited the site/app more than once in the last 30 days. This makes it possible to see who has been revisiting your website regularly and send notifications specific to them.

  • Engaged Subscribers

    These are the users who interact with the notification and land on the website/app frequently. This segment is created based on the 'last notification click' in the last 30 days. You can also create an audience based on‘Last Website Visit’, by choosing the condition and date.

  • Dormant Subscribers

    Users who have not visited the app/site in the last 30 days either directly or by clicking on a notification. These are users who have not been visiting your website. You can start off with a re-engagement campaign to lure them into visiting the website again.


Keep it relevant. Keep it to the point.


Measure the impact of targeted notifications


Track the CTRs and the clicks

 Analyze how various campaigns sent to a segmented audience have performed. Make changes to your next campaign accordingly. 


Check page metrics

Track the page views, sessions, session duration, and conversions of those campaigns on Google Analytics.


Compare campaigns

Compare targeted campaigns with any previous campaigns sent to all and see if there is any change in CTRs.


Convert your visitors into an audience


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