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Now sprint break-free when on a notification spree. Unleash the marketer within you and send as many notifications as you want to keep users updated, because more is now less. 

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Show the latest, get the stale out

With ‘Show Latest’, replace the old notifications with the new ones, making sure the user gets only the latest update, rather than numerous updates.

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Increase Clicks

Get more clicks and fewer swipes. Be the brand that informs and not obstructs. Show user only the latest news and encourages users to read the content.


UX That Wins

Don't cram the user's notification tray, make it easier for the users to read the notification and take action. Cleaner notification tray. Amazing user experience.


Send more notifications.
Yes, you read that right. 

Now send notifications without the fear of bombarding the users with multiple
notifications on the notification tray.

Break news as it happens

Show Latest can be best used for sending breaking news. Need to give minute-by-minute news updates on the earthquake in New Zealand, NASA launching a satellite, or is it a heated political debate going on? Give users all the information. Keep updating as you get newer information and replace it with the old, just like that.

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Match the speed of the stock market

NSE down? Investors across the country are now glued to your website looking for any fixes that the NSE might have done. New updates might keep coming every other minute - NSE not registering any new funds or if BSE is working fine. Now you can send notifications for every update and yet keep the UX pleasant while delivering these many updates.

Keep users abreast with event updates

MailCon event going on? A conference on Global warming? A webinar on how reader revenue model? Or is Ariana Grande performing live? Let the users know every detail that is important. Do not hesitate on the number of notifications you send anymore at the cost of user experience. 


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Don't let sports fans miss
a beat

Did Messi hit a goal in close range? Did Virat Kohli get just get past the 3000-run mark in international cricket? Was Roger Federer's jumping smash the tiebreaker? Get the entire commentary of matches and keep users up to date with the latest update. 


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