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Here is the Guide to integrate iZooto in 5 mins

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Here is the Guide to integrate iZooto in 5 mins

How to guide to add the iZooto tag using Google Tag Manager.

You can get started with web push notifications in less than 5 minutes using Tag Manager. Tags helps you measure traffic and optimize your online marketing, but all that code is cumbersome to manage. It often takes too long to add new tags on your website or update the new ones. This is where Google Tag Manager can help you.  GTM is a brilliant tool for marketers and product managers to skip product releases for deploying code. Here is how you can add the iZooto Tag using Google Tag Manager:

Step 1 : Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account and click on NEW TAG to start the process

Add tags using GTM Add new Tag

Step 2: Start by giving your tag an appropriate name .For instance -iZooto.

Add tags using GTM Name your Tag


Step 3 : Select the Custom HTML Tag Option and add your tag.

Adding Tag under Custom HTML Tag Adding Tag under Custom HTML Tag

Step 4- Select your Fire / Trigger Rules

Adding tag with GTM Selecting trigger rules

Step 5- In order to get it working you need to save and publish your Tag

adding TAG with GTM

Publishing iZooto Tag Using Google Tag Manager Publishing iZooto Tag Using Google Tag Manager

That's it. You are done !! 

Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma, the Product Marketer at iZooto is an Art Lover & Creative Writer who likes to sketch in her free time. She dreams of travelling the world someday, all by herself. To connect with her, follow her on Twitter: @Sh_ruchika

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