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How Bloggers Are Using Messenger Push Notifications To Engage Users

Last updated on Oct 31, 2022

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How Bloggers Are Using Messenger Push Notifications To Engage Users

If blogging is more than a let-out for you, then engaging with your readers is one of the things that get you excited. After all, the effort you have put in creating that awesome content needs to pay off. That makes discovering channels to reach out to your audience so crucial.

Most of the people you write for are already using Facebook. For bloggers being able to reach out to your readers on Facebook Messenger is too good an opportunity to let go.

But before we dive more into Messenger Push Notifications and ways to use it to engage your readers, let’s first understand what blogging is like today.

The war for attention

All this time we have been living with the notion that blogging is a one man show and  that a blog's success has to be driven by word of mouth.

But it’s 2020 and things are different now! 🍾

Blogging is no longer limited to being something personal, it now makes up the marketing stack for any business with an online presence. 45% of marketers say that blogging is the most important piece of their content strategy.  

This shift can be attributed to the rise in channels that have made information more visible. Today you can’t just create content and wait for it to go viral. You need to step out to share your work and find ways to drive readers repeatedly back to your blog.

There are over 500 million blogs on the web catering to topics related to travel, health, entrepreneurship, coding, personal growth, what not. You name it and it’s there! 

Web is flooded with content, hence this war for attention. Whatever the niche, the fight to drive traffic is a serious one. 

A bit about Facebook Messenger Push Notifications

Facebook Messenger Push Notifications are media-rich broadcast messages that you can send to your messenger subscribers. You can send notifications to a Facebook user, if that person has initiated a chat with you over Messenger or has given their permission on your website.

Messenger-Use-CaseWhy do you need Messenger Push Notifications?

There are about 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, making it the largest social media platform and a place for bloggers to share links and market themselves.

And if you’re a blogger, you are already present on Facebook. And creating content and sharing it on Facebook is not just another activity, it’s a ritual. 

When you post on Facebook you expect it to reach all your followers, which you have gathered over months. But in reality, Facebook limits your post’s reach to only 6.4% of your page followers. 

Here is the irony - Facebook is the place where your readers are and at the same time Facebook also limits your reach. 

Ahun... wondering what to do now? 

Simple, connect with your reader on Facebook Messenger and reach out to them in their Messenger chat box.

90% open rate on messenger

These Notifications land in your reader’s chat box and come across as more personal. The CTR for Facebook Messenger Push Notification is 2X of web push notification and as high as 8X of emails. Such high engagement is something any blogger can cash on! 

How can bloggers use Messenger Push Notifications

Publishing articles is not the only thing a blogger needs to do, you could be making podcasts, collaborating with other blogs, doing affiliate marketing, a lot more. Each blog comes with its own unique opportunities and you need to leverage them by sharing them with your readers.

Here are a few ways you can use Messenger Push Notifications to engage your readers.

1. Use the first notification to tell your story

Your blog is there for a reason, it could be to help entrepreneurs, share travel destinations, or to tell the world about how to make money with blogging. 

Start your audience’s journey with you by sharing your story with them. Use this as your first message to make your reader bond with you and show them that there is a real person behind your brand. After all we all love stories, remember them better, and speak about them with a sense of connection. 

Tell your story on messenger

2. Share your blog's latest content

So you just came up with fresh content and want to tell it to the world. You can easily do it over Messenger and drive your readers back to your website. Also if you have been blogging for some time now, you must have identified content that has become popular. Go ahead and share it and let that content do its charm.

share your latest blogs on messenger

3. Plug in your RSS

You want your audience to learn about the work right away and pushing this information to their RSS Feed is a really good way of doing it. Reach out to your audience over Messenger and ask them to add your blog’s RSS Feed to their Reader Feed, and enjoy a surge in traffic to your website every time you publish something new.

Get your RSS plugged in on messenger

4. Launch your ebooks

If blogging is your bread and butter then I can safely assume that you must have written some ebooks and must be using them to build credibility among your readers. Till now you have kept your ebooks listed on your blog website and have been waiting for them to be discovered. Here is how you can do this a little differently, share it with your audience on Facebook Messenger and put it to use.

launch your ebooks on messenger5. Share your online courses

Are you out with a new course? Inform your audience on Facebook Messenger about it. People are interested in what you write about and want to learn more about it. A comprehensive course could be what they are looking for, and it could also help you make some extra $$.

share online courses on messenger6. Introduce your readers to your affiliate 

As a blogger, you need to generate an income and you just can’t stay dependent on Ad revenue. And affiliate marketing is one way to expand your income. Once you have established yourself as a leader within your niche and have built a decent audience, you are in a good place to earn a commission in exchange for promoting other people’s or company’s products. 

A decent affiliate can make anything between $300 to $3,000. Drop a notification in your audience’s Messenger inbox with a link to the product, or the article you wrote about that company, and get a boost in this income.

Share affiliate articles over messenger7. Invite subscription to your exclusive content

One of the ways to monetize your blogs is to set up paywalls. You can open up a bit of your content for your free readers and keep the rest for your paid readers, just like some news websites do. So while you engage your Messenger audience with your content, encourage them to subscribe for your behind the paywall content. 

invite subscribers for paid content over messenger8. Ask for feedback

Feedback from your readers will help you polish your content and their experience with you. They can help you identify things that you might have been doing wrong or not at all, or could give positive feedback about what they love about your work. So reach out to your readers on Messenger and just ask what can you do better. 

ask for feedback on messenger9. Build email subscribers

Email has been the traditional way of engaging readers and has always been extensively used by bloggers to share their content. A growing email list has always been satisfying and you can grow it further by asking your Messenger audience to join your mailing list.

build email subscribers on messengerThese are a few ways you can use Messenger Push Notification to engage with your audience. If you can think of any more or have been doing something differently share that in the comments.

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