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Native Chrome Desktop Push Notifications in Mac OS [Updated]

Last updated on Aug 20, 2022

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Native Chrome Desktop Push Notifications in Mac OS [Updated]

One fine day the people of the world wondered how the Google Chrome desktop push notification ‘bell’ landed on their menu bar. They didn't remember adding it there nor giving permission to make any changes. Yet, there it was embedded in the menu bar, refusing to budge. They did not enable chrome push notification, but it suddenly had taken over their desktop. Some of the comments in the product forums deserve a read. With so many annoyed users complaining about the design, the way chrome push notifications had hijacked the notification menu, the absence of a disable feature, it was about time that chrome got native web push notification on Mac. Google chrome tried to implement its own in-house chrome desktop notifications system instead of OS X Notification Center and we all know how that went.

chrome push notification

In 2013, Google released a beta version of Chrome introducing what they called ‘richer notifications’. This was done to enhance the user experience and their intentions were all good. But, people got so irritated with Chrome that a few even considered replacing it with other browsers. When it launched the Google Chrome notification center, to make it easier for users to see all the notifications when they were away, in reality, it didn't happen. People got irritated due to the long list of notifications and some didn't even open the Chrome notification center. Either way, it was decided that it will be removed. 

chrome push notification

There was a thread of conversations of people who displayed their displeasure with chrome push notification. Google also came up with Chrome 50, with a few new features, but still, people were not satisfied with they're in-house Google chrome push notification. Google chrome stacks the notifications in the notification tray, which can be closed then and there. This makes sure that the person sees it and gets to dismiss the Google Chrome push notification manually.

Chrome desktop push notifications

In October, Chrome declared that it will wrap up their in-house notification. Chrome has thus finally allowed the use of native push notifications for the first time in Mac. Chrome realized that people do not prefer Chrome push notification as it was not getting any positive response, so they decided to let go of it. Now, this is a relief, as Chrome's notifications are cumbersome and incompatible, which do not function harmoniously with the rest of the OS and apps notifications. This also leads to a better and cleaner user experience which was pretty much missing till now.

chrome push notification

Then, one didn't  have to receive two sets of notifications; one from the build in OS X and the other from Chrome. Once you enable chrome push notifications, it functions exactly the same way as an alert does on OS X. What is more interesting is that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature is available at last. With the coming of push notification in Mac, we will see an end to all the changes that chrome does, as OS X doesn't support customization.

chrome push notification

Chrome notification its development stage had quite a few glitches. Even after enabling native notifications, a few haven't received several notifications.  Especially the users on the Ubuntu Unity desktop faced issues in receiving notifications.

chrome push notification

Then Arrived Chrome 59

Chrome desktop push notification

With Chrome 59, Chrome integrated with native Mac notification system from April 2017. With this update, Chrome desktop push notification is finally finding its place in the notification center on Mac. It has since then created different responses from developers, as native Chrome push notification and Chrome notifications on Mac did not look the same. There were changes pertaining to icons, call to action buttons, banner images, the way listicles are displayed and so on. Read this article to know the changes in detail.

Google Chrome went live for Windows, version 28 and enabled its in-house notification center. Chrome 59 is now available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

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