Firefox Notifications for User Engagement and Retention


Driving User Engagement with Firefox Notifications

Cover your website visitors across browser and devices. Firefox Notifications work seamlessly on both Desktop and Mobile. Push Notifications also work on Chrome and Safari.

Communicate with your users even when they are not on your website

You have always want to reach your users in real time. But then you don’t necessarily have to build an app just so that you can send them notifications. With iZooto, you can now touch your users at the right time and bring them back to your site with targeted and personalized notifications.


Send smarter notifications that consider context beyond the inbox.

Your push notification automation should be as smart as you. And you’d never send an email offering a demo to someone that has already booked one. iZooto Playbooks look at the user behavior on your website and won’t send a notification if they’ve already purchased that product or signed up.

Real Time Analytics - Tracking User Journey and Impact

Views, Clicks and Conversions - You can track all of these metrics with iZooto and track clearly how your notifications are performing. iZooto’s integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics allowing you track subscriber, behaviour and conversion data in one place, so that you don’t have to juggle between multiple dashboards.


Build Marketing List on Firefox Traffic

Own your audience - that’s your unfair advantage with push notifications. Convert upto 8% of your website visitors into push notification subscribers

Target Firefox Notifications

Understand your subscribers better and use that intelligence to send them targeted and personalized Web Push Notifications. Delight your users and drive user engagement

Bring Your Traffic and Sales

With CTR’s as high as 20% and conversion rates upto 8% - you are ready to rock your sales numbers. Ramp up your conversions and improve your ROI by multifold.

Supported on all browsers



Chrome For Android, Windows and MacOS



Firefox for Android, Windows and MacOS



Edge for Windows



Safari for MacOS


Convert your visitors into an audience


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