We asked our customers how we help solve their marketing challenges since they started using iZooto. Here is what they had to say-


Bruce Potter


I have been surprised at how fast our audience for push notifications has grown with iZooto. I remind my editors that more people now see our push notifications than they see our average Facebook post. 

Chilukuri Srinivasa Rao

Founder, ap7am.com

We have gained over 60K subscribers in just 4 months. Everything is automated from crafting templates, curating content to sending it out to the audience at the right time. We have already started seeing amazing results and plan to start monetizing via Email Newsletter soon.

Supachoke Pattaramarut

New Media Director, PPTV HD 36

iZooto targets everything from user engagement to retargeting and from generating a new revenue stream to contributing significantly to our pageviews. The team is very approachable and always stays connected as well. They have been extremely helpful right from migration to resolving issues quickly and effectively.

Puja Sethi

Group Editor and Digital head, India TV

iZooto is great for audience segmentation and helps me reach my audience quickly and to increase the reach of my content. And it is a good tool to get traffic back on the site.

Tajelddin Abdel Haq

Editor in Chief@Erem News

Editors at both EremNews and Foochia are now able to be the first to break stories to their readers. With IZooto, we are able to reach out to users fasted retain ever before - this gives us a competitive advantage.

Mohammed Zulkifl Avaram

CTO@Lokmat Media

iZooto with its service has helped us to a great extent to create the connection between us and our loyal users, the number shows that our users who have subscribed to iZooto notifications consume more content than users from other channels

Sreekanth Mannem

Manager SEO, EVT Bharat

We are very happy with the Messenger push notifications product. We are now able to reach our Facebook audience as well. We are happy with the interactions we are getting, which ultimately contribute to more pageviews. 

Abhinav Agarwal

Co-Founder and CEO, Coingape Media

Earlier we had been using other push notification services, but we realized that we were just sending notifications not doing anything else. We thought that we could do much more with our subscribers. With iZooto, our subscriber base increased and we started getting more returning users. Our audience was engaging and we were doing a lot of experiments like sending them notifications as per their interest. The support team is always ready to fix any problems quickly.  

Cécile Blandin

Junior CRM Manager@Feed

iZooto is a great product, I really recommend it. The team is also very efficient and answers questions very quickly.



Super excited about collaborating with iZooto. User Engagement is the holy grail for publishers. Ace that with iZooto's monetization solution - this makes it the perfect solution for publishers today. iZooto is a must-have for publisher marketing stack.

Daniel Gardner

Coordinator-Distance Learning Program@Seminário Martin Bucer

To start sending updates to your community right-away, iZooto is a no brainer. It's so easy to set up and forget about it. Depending on the size of your community, you will have hundreds of opt-ins in a matter of days. To hit the ground running, I was glad I choose iZooto.

Geraldine Mésange

SEO Manager@Audibene

 iZooto has helped us quickly and easily leverage new traffic sources for our main websites thanks to a fast integration and great communication with the teams.

Annkur P Agarwal


In less than 3 months, iZooto has scaled to contribute 15% of the total revenue and continues to grow. We are super excited about leveraging push notifications both for user engagement and monetization.

Amit Gupta

Product Manager@Myntra

iZooto's easy setup and rockstar support has helped us to drive 2% of our revenue from web push notifications.

Mohammed AI-Mutairi


In such a competitive environment where users have multiple options, iZooto has proven to be a great tool for engagement. The team is extremely supportive and prompt with the solutions.

James Baker

Digital Marketing Specialist@SeedBox

iZooto has allowed us to live in the moment with our customers. We use web push notifications for everything from customer acquisition to retaining them and flash sales promotion.

iZa Cuyos

Audience and business head@Smart parenting

"We see 8X more returning users compared to organic traffic with Messenger push notifications."

Madhav Sharma

Founder And Editor In Chief, The Cricket Lounge

With iZooto, we have been able to rank higher on Google Discover. We convert our traffic into subscribers and get returning visitors even organically. iZooto has also helped us broaden our reach.

Idham Arifin

Vice President- Business & Technology, Pikiran-Rakyat Media Network

iZooto helps us in targeting and classifying users better. The ease of creating campaigns saves a lot of time and minimizes efforts for news publishers. Moreover, iZooto opens new revenue streams and presents fresh opportunities for our partners within the news network.

Rajesh Kumar Pal

Head of Product, ABP Network

iZooto has been helping us to categorize and create patterns for cohorts. The kind of localization and kind of support that iZooto provides, is different than anything else available in the market. 

Juergen Steinmetz


iZooto’s customer support is excellent. It has always been immediate and personal, which is hard to find. 



After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. After using it for 3 months, my realization was correct which also justified my first impression with iZooto. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month. 

Nirupam Sarkar

Digital Media, EVT Bharat

After-sale service is what matters. The turn-around time is super quick. The tech and support team has been very helpful. We are in a 24 portal multilingual platform we cover stories across 28 States in 13 languages. iZooto makes it easier to create that kind of audience segment to reach out to the right audience.

Kirat Singh Chhatwal

Product lead, India TV

We have been using iZooto for the past few years. The segmentation feature allows us to send different notifications to active subscribers in the last 7 days to the last 30 days. It also helps us differentiate which user bucket you want to send notifications to. Differentiating Breaking news, and daily coverage news and also segmenting them based on state has helped us get higher CTRs. 


Digital Marketing Specialist@ FSAStore

iZooto stands out as a channel that brings in a solid stream of revenue by engaging with customers through personalized notification campaigns. With iZooto we educate our customers about our company's value propositions and personalize it based on where a user is in the conversion funnel. This has been a huge benefit, as an educated customer is more likely to return and have more conversions. 

Jesper Ribacka


We are using iZooto on over 10 of our websites and it is simply the best in the business. Thanks to the people behind iZooto, We have gotten much better conversion rates and thousands of returning visitors.

Saumitra Korgaonkar

General Manager-Digital Marketing@Mahindra

We have seen conversion rates similar to our organic conversion rates which is double than paid media. Our customer acquisition cost with iZooto is 1/4th of our paid media.


Digital Marketing Manager@Biba

We have clocked 11X ROI on our iZooto investment. Web push notifications perform better than our paid campaigns. Thanks to the awesome team that has opened the doors to a whole new marketing channel.

Shubaham Sharma

Digital Marketing Head@Bajaao

Our conversion is at an all-time high and we had just started with playbooks. I am personally excited about this channel and as a business and team, we see ourselves investing more energy on scaling this further. Great experience with iZooto's Shopify app and support team.


Marketing Manager@Kushal's

Amazing app! Retargeting collection page visitors, product viewers, and abandoned carts users, all automated through playbooks. Retargeting through push notifications at it's best. :)

Steve Huffman


iZooto is a great platform for reaching out to your own audience with push notifications. The team is extremely supportive and available 24*7! iZooto has been the best ROI of all the marketing platforms we enlist. Would absolutely recommend iZooto!

Rory Witt

Digital Strategist@Digimar Digital Marketing

Really love the playbooks. Setting up dynamic retargeting to recover abandoned shopping carts couldn't get easier than this. An awesome team which truly believes in the success of their customers.

Annkur (1)
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