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Build and nurture an email subscriber base with email newsletters. Foster engagement, drive more website sessions and unlock revenue potential through email newsletters.

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Gear Up For The Cookie Apocalypse

Many publishers presently rely on third-party cookies as a cornerstone of their advertising revenue. However, with third-party cookies poised to become obsolete in 2024, it is imperative to take immediate action and gear up your arsenal with the right channels and tools.




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Power Your Marketing With
First-Party Data

Unlock a promising data opportunity that lies ahead! Numerous publishers currently hinge their ad revenue on third-party cookies. With third-party data going away soon, publishers must pivot their focus towards building first-party data. Email is one of the best ways to do it. Own take control and monetize your audience with email newsletters. 


Nurture direct connections with your readers


Reach out readers at the marketable moment


Monetize with personalized branded ads

What Sets iZooto's Email Newsletters Apart

Set On Auto Pilot

Save valuable time and provide editors more control over content distribution.

After Elapsed Time 

Tailored to meet the unique needs of publishers who create content on a large scale.

Template Customization

Editors enjoy template customization freedom; iZooto's design team does all the heavy lifting.

Guided Launch Support

Collaborate closely with editors for strategy insight and successful launches.

Exclusive Subscriber Space 

Create a dedicated online subscriber space for them to easily manage preferences.

Best-In-Class Email Delivery

Reinforced by our in-house team of experts who monitor and optimize delivery outcomes.

Domain Reputation Management

Warming-up email sending domain, deciding on frequency and timing of newsletters and more.

Dedicated IP Repository

iZooto enables publishers to configure dedicated IPs serving as valuable, long-term assets.

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Build Email Subscriptions Quickly With One-Tap Google Native Optin

Instantly instil credibility and trust in readers with the Google Opt-in. The Simplified subscription feature streamlines sign-ups with a one-tap opt-in, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Our mobile-friendly design guarantees quick and easy interactions, catering to a wide-ranging audience.


"We have gained over 60K subscribers in just 4 months. Everything is automated from crafting templates, curating content to sending it out to the audience at the right time. We have already started seeing amazing results and plan to start monetizing via Email Newsletter soon." 

Chilukuri Srinivasa Rao, Founder,


Integrate With Your Email Provider

Already using another email provider? Easily integrate it with iZooto! Enhance your email strategy by seamlessly integrating email prompts with iZooto and start getting inputs into the system. Effortlessly create additional touchpoints with your current provider.

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Personalized Space For Your Email Subscribers

Subscribers can effortlessly access saved articles, manage their newsletter subscription preferences, and enjoy additional features.

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Email newsletter automation


Automate And Forget

Initiate email distribution effortlessly via RSS feeds, ensuring your subscribers receive the latest content updates directly in their inboxes. With our user-friendly platform, you can tailor newsletter campaigns to your precise needs, define the frequency of emails, select the ideal timing for delivery, and craft captivating content. We handle the rest!

Join The Beta List

Interested in trying out email newsletters to build first-party data? Build an audience quicker with Google one-tap opt-in, engage your email subscribers and generate more revenue. 

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