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Within few years, there has been an outburst of solution that provide web push notifications. Choosing ne tool over the other could be overwhelming. If you are having trouble deciding if you should choose Feedify or iZooto, this detailed piece will help you make the right choice. Afterall, it is not just about sending notifications. It is about creating a delightful experience for your readers and building a loyal audience. The right solution will let you build your marketing list quicker, improve your current engagement metrics, and boost retention.






How G2 Compares iZooto to Feedify

Highest Satisfaction Rating


Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

Do you know that feeling when you are stuck for hours on support lines and waiting for someone to resolve your query? There’s only little that help docs and FAQs can do and sometimes you need a real human who can understand your problem.

With iZooto, you don’t need to worry about any of this. Don’t take our words, see what Erin has to say - "Great Platform, Great Employees! If you have questions on creating segments or ideas for new campaigns the employees are always there to help". iZooto has more than 65+ five star reviews. 

ROI (1)



Faster ROI

First things first, marketing teams have a fixed budget. You have to justify every dollar you spend on any tool. While businesses that use iZooto achieve their ROI 2X faster than Feedify. So, if you’re looking out for a push notification tool, you know which one to go for.




Go Live in Minutes

The API integration on Feedify is time-consuming. It’s super easy to Integrate iZooto with your website and you can start sending notifications right away. iZooto has native integration with all the popular CMS platforms - Wordpress, Drupal, Magent0, Zapier Blogger, you name it and we have it. Whereas Feedify supports only a few. 

So, no more going back and forth with your IT guys. Just a few clicks and you go live - quick, easy and hassle-free.


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Top reasons why iZooto is the preferred alternative to Feedify for any publisher



Lightning-fast UI

Get things done quicker with iZooto's Flash UI. The dashboard is simple, easy to understand and makes it easier to send, schedule, and analyze your campaigns. A publisher's life revolves around getting the information out to their readers as soon as possible, and iZooto understands the importance of this and matches your speed of execution. 


Provide a delightful subscription experience

You can trigger promt on a scroll or after some delay, making sure that you do not bombard the user as soon s the page loads. You can also set custom prompts depending on the page they are on making it contextual for the user.



Active subscription count

Get real-time subscription count for immediate gratification. You can get the action subsection count based on the device as well on iZooto. Analyze which notification prompt works better for you, and what brings in more subscriptions.



Test notifications and make notifications shareable

Test your notifications before you send it to your audience. Get the experience yourself to see if it is a good one. Include a social share button on the notifications for the reader to share it with someone else that they might think would be interested in reading the content you have sent. 



Successful delivery of notifications 

iZooto successfully delivers notifications you sent to your audience compared to Feedify. The deliveries that are successful are meager, which also means that your campaign data gets skewed. Not everyone is receiving your notifications, and that leads to  different set of problems in itself. 

Automate and let us take care of the rest

We are marketers ourselves and we know that we have plenty of things to do than just sitting and making notifications. This is the reason why we have given so much importance to automation. You can set recurring notifications, send time zone specific notifications, and set drip notifications to reach out to the users at the best marketable moment.

iZooto also has amazing Playbooks, which lets you send triggered notifications to reach out to the readers at the right moment. Whether you want to bring back users who have abandoned a tab or recover abandoned videos, iZooto covers it all.


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After using iZooto for several days, it made me think that this could be the replacement for the lost traffic from Facebook. After using it for 3 months, my realization was correct which also justified my first impression with iZooto. Currently, iZooto increases my traffic by more than 20% every month.



To start sending updates to your community right-away, iZooto is a no brainer. It's so easy to set up and forget about it. Depending on the size of your community, you will have hundreds of opt-ins in a matter of days. To hit the ground running, I was glad I choose iZooto.

Daniel Gardner

Coordinator-Distance Learning Program

In less than 3 months, iZooto has scaled to contribute 15% of the total revenue and continues to grow. We are super excited about leveraging push notifications both for user engagement and monetization.

Annkur P Agarwal



We are using iZooto on over 10 of our websites and it is simply the best in the business. Thanks to the people behind iZooto, We have gotten much better conversion rates and thousands of returning visitors.

Jesper Ribacka


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