Web Push Notifications for BigCommerce

Add iZooto Web Push Notifications to your BigCommerce stores and start engaging with your website visitors.


BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that lets user to build their own online store and sell their goods. Marketers are constantly exploring new tools in order to gain new buyers and retain the old ones. This is where iZooto web push notifications can help these marketers to achieve their objective. Marketers can send highly personalized notifications to their users regarding new products and flash sales. iZooto takes care of the different time zones in which the users might be living. So, don’t wait and build a loyal customer base with iZooto web push notifications.


Here's how to setup iZooto on your Bigcommerce store


Step 1: Sign in to your iZooto account. On the dashboard, click on Settings on the left sidebar and select Integration Instructions. Download the files and keep the iZooto JS code handy with you


iZooto integration instructions


Step 2: Login to your BigCommerce store. Select Storefront and click on Footer Scripts.


BigCommerce dashboard


Step 3: Paste the iZooto JS code and Save.


Adding iZooto JS code in BigCommerce


Step 4: Get the Setup Details by clicking on File Access (WebDAV) from Server Settings option.


BigCommerce Setup Details


Step 5: Use the Setup Details and connect your store to a FTP client (CyberDuck recommended).


Connecting BigCommerce site to CyberDuck FTP


Step 6: After you’ve successfully connected, select the content folder.


BigCommerce site files on CyberDuck FTP


Step 7: Upload the manifest.json and service-worker.js files in the content folder.


Uploading manifest and service-worker files to BigCommerce


Step 8: Create a new file izooto.html in the content folder.


Creating a new file in CyberDuck


Step 9: Open izooto.html and paste the iZooto JS code. Save the file.


Editing a file in CyberDuck


And you’ve successfully integrated iZooto on your BigCommerce store. You can check for the notification prompt and reach out to us in case you face a problem.


iZooto notification prompt on BigCommerce site


*Additional configurational changes are required before you go live. Once you've completed all the steps, drop an email to onboarding@izooto.com with the subject line BigCommerce Integration + <Your_Website_URL>


Video tutorial for integrating iZooto on your BigCommerce site

HubSpot Video




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