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Add iZooto Web Push Notifications to your Squarespace site and start engaging with your website visitors.


Squarespace is a website builder tool that offers pre-designed templates, which can be used to make responsive websites. All sites built with Squarespace get a free SSL registration. This means all the websites are HTTPS by default. With increase in competition and dynamic user behaviour it becomes important that the audience receives effective communication. iZooto helps marketers and bloggers to achieve their objective with its powerful web push notifications. Communicate your website offerings to your visitors efficiently with iZooto’s powerful segmentation feature and create a delightful experience.


Here's how to setup iZooto on your Squarespace site


Step 1 : First of all you need to install a FTP client such as FileZilla. Log on to iZooto panel with your credentials. Download the ZIP files and keep the JS script handy.




Step 2 : Open your Squarespace account and click on Settings.




Step 3 : Search for Advanced option and click on it.




Step 4 : Click on Developer Mode.




Step 5 : Enable Developer Mode and save the Connectivity Details.




Step 6 : Search for Code Injection in the Advanced menu and click on it.




Step 7 : Copy the JS script from the panel and paste it in the Header. Click on Save.




Step 8 : Now open FileZilla and use the Connectivity Details to add your site.




Step 9 : Look out for assets directory and create a new file index.html. Further add the izooto.html and service-worker.js files that you downloaded from the panel.(Create assets directory if you don’t find it)




Step 10 : Right click on index.html and select Edit. Paste the JS script and save it.




And you’ve successfully integrated iZooto on your Squarespace website. You can check for the prompt on your website. In case you face any issues, feel free to contact us.




*Additional configuration changes are required before you go live. Once you've completed all the steps, drop an email to onboarding@izooto.com with the subject line Squarespace Integration + <Your_Website_URL>.


Video tutorial for integrating iZooto on your Squarespace site



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