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Customer Retention Push Notification Example

Better Customer Retention Means More Sales

Getting an existing customer to buy from you is 6X easier as compared to acquire a new customer. This is where iZooto’s Retention Playbook comes into picture. You can now send targeted personalized notifications to your customers and get them back to your site with an exclusive deal or free shipping.

Loyal Customers are More Profitable

Roll out the red carpet for your dream customers by greeting them with a personalized notification. Welcome them in style. Pamper them with discounts and free shipping offers. Delight them with every notification. Do all of this and more with personalized triggered notifications.

Customer Loyalty Push Notification Example

What our customers are saying about Playbooks

Our conversions are at an all time high and we had just started with this feature. I am personally excited about this channel and as a business and team we see ourselves investing more energy on scaling this further. Great experience with iZooto’s Shopify app and support team.

Shubham Sharma

Digital Marketing Head

The idea that with iZooto we could build a marketing list without asking for the personal details of the users really excited us. We always look forward to new feature releases and Playbooks are just amazing! Being an early adopter, we can already see the impact they can have.


Marketing Associate

I am amazed by the success of the playbooks! The ease of managing user communication swiftly is great. Our conversions have shot up and we are excited to enable this feature on all our website properties including the hotel segment.

Laxman Kumar

Senior Manager - Digital Marketing



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