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A Publishers Guide To Building An Audience First Culture


Building an audience first culture has become critical, now more than ever. Marketers are gunning for ways to build an audience to take their business to new heights, but most marketers do not know how to begin. It becomes tricky when you have to just rely on experimentation without any playbook in hand. 

Bonnie Roche has been helping publishers build an audience for many years now. Bonnie will share her operating playbook to build an audience-first culture where she talks about how one can start building an audience, how it is essential to inculcate the audience first culture within the team and how to build a loyal audience. 

Key points covered - 

  • Impact of the audience first culture for the editorial team
  • Operating playbook she has been following for years
  • Brands in the media ecosystem that share the values of audience first culture
  • Change in the content consumption and what it means from an audience development standpoint
  • Increasing subscription retention and loyalty
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Bonnie Roche

Founder & CEO @ Maikoa Consulting

My career spans from being a frontline employee to C-suite experience in functions from marketing, project management, business analysis, product development, and human management across business, IT, and operations teams. I’ve worked across multiple verticals from trade book publishing, retail, ecommerce and busines to business media. I bridge the divide between business and IT speak able to refine complex systems into consumable bites, understandable to a layperson. Currently, I am the founder of Maikoa Consulting, a business strategy advisory firm that works with businesses of any size to respond to market changes and scale. We utilize an “Audience First” approach to building systems – people, technology, process, culture – to connect, engage and retain customers.

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