Decoding Who Owns Your Content On The Internet

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You spend months and years to gather that audience on Medium. You ran campaigns, gave them offers, and even went so far as to give luscious discounts. But all this to what? What if one day medium just decides to take it all away. Then? How will you showcase all your hard work then? 

For this episode of Own Thy Audience is Ben May, the founder of The Code Company, joined us on the 17th of June 2020 at 12:00 PM IST. Someone who has been in the digital publishing industry for a long time now and understands the importance of audience ownership.

The major discussion revolved around these points:

  • Understanding the concept of ownership on the internet
  • How content creation does not imply owning the value generated out of content
  • How can creators get maximum value from their content
  • Comparisons - WordPress vs Medium. Email list vs Facebook page, your marketing list vs social following
Ben May

Ben May

Founder & Managing Director of The Code Company — Ben May is a digital publishing and media thought leader and entrepreneur who has over a decade of business and technology experience.

The Code Company remains one of the few Australian owned and operated technical agencies that has significant experience and expertise with large-scale enterprise WordPress development projects.

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