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Reader Revenue Model And How It Shapes The Editorial Strategy


With the duopolies ruling over, revenue from ads has become unreliable. Publishers are on a hunt for ways they increase their revenue and build their own audience and while at it. On the other hand, readers are hungry for authentic news in this era where fake news and privacy breaches are rampant. Finding news that is trustworthy and reliable has become a real challenge.

The reader revenue model has seen quite an adoption, especially in the UK where readers pay for exclusive content. India is not far behind. Readers get what they pay for and publishers increase their revenue. Nandagopal Rajan tells us where the reader revenue model stands in the Indian landscape and shares insights on the what, when, and the how of starting off with the reader revenue model.

Here's What Stood Out

  • The duopoly of Google and Facebook will continue. What you should do. 
  • Is India ready for paid subscriptions? 
  • How can the marketing team create an interest in online content? 
  • UGC content - Is it good enough?
  • Nurturing users and how it can be done
  • How to increase subscription and reduce churn
  • AI and how it impacts long term
  • 3 things that will help build a loyal reader base and reduce churns
  • Key factors of building and strengthening the reader revenue model
  • Arriving at the right pricing plan
  •  KPIs newsrooms should consider when they start off
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Nandgopal Rajan 

Editor, New Media @ The India Express

Nandagopal Rajan is editor new media at, one of the largest English news websites in India. He stared his career with Hindustan Times and has also worked with the India Today group.

At Express, he looks at how the sensibilities and sensitivity of print journalism can be imbibed for the quick-paced, eyeballs driven pressures of online journalism.
Nandagopal also writes expressively on technology and has covered everything from Pen drives to big data and the Apples and BlackBerrys in between.

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