Make Your Next Campaign Perform Even Better

Analyze your campaigns, track impact and make performance based decisions. Get accurate performance data and drive goal-based outcomes. 


Track All Performance In One Place

Everything you need from subscriber count, unsubscriptions, recent campaign performance, subscription devices and more in one single page. Get an exact audience overview - where subscribers are flowing in from and the device they are on to create better campaigns. Identify, compare and act - check what changes you had made to the website that let to a fluctuation in subscriptions. 



Track Campaign Effectiveness Across Channels

Analyse the type of content that resonates with people. The kind of content that work on specific channels. Track Sent, Clicks and CTRs for notifications that are broadcasted or sent to a specific segment. 


Analyze based on type

See how your one-time or recurring campaigns have performed. Add filters and get precise data to plan better. 

Analyze based on status

Filter based on campaign status. Check data on scheduled, running, completed and aborted campaigns. 




Overview of Segmented Audience 

Get an estimated reach of the set of audiences you have created, to know how many readers you will be able to engage with. Create campaigns accordingly and reach out to specific audiences. 

Analyze Playbooks And Tweak Workflows

Are you achieving your goals? Which notifications are getting you more clicks? Know how you are fairing, experiment and make data driven choices.




Integrate Google Analytics For Additional Reports

Connect iZooto with Google analytics to get precise reports on engagement metrics such as page views,
average session duration, total session, and returning subscribers.

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Playbooks You Can't Miss Out On

Welcome Your Subscribers

Engage your reader from day zero. Welcome your readers and get them back your website in no time. Here is how publishers are making the most of this Playbook.  

Recover Abandoned Tab

Every time a user drops off from your website and start browsing another website, notify them about their incomplete read and bring them back, without burning your $$s on remarketing ads!

Retarget Abandoned Subscriptions

Retarget readers with this new conversion playbook and build a strong subscribers list. Nudge them to subscribe by showing them what they are missing out on. 

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