From blog posts to viral cat videos, everything is now just a click away. These are exciting times for the content publishers, but only if you have the right marketing strategy. While content is created and published on a large scale, publishers struggle with building sustainable traffic and the ride to reach the top is a bumpy one.

An ever-increasing number of publishers are vying to grow their audience and engage the ones that they already have. It is also seen that the users visit a site while on a search to obtain specific stories, and do not visit the website regularly. Page view is now a vanity metric for publishers. User engagement is not. Real-time personalized communication is critical to engage users.





It's time to take charge of your audience 

You can only think of engaging users if your post is visible, and social media sites like Facebook with its ever-changing algorithms, are making it trickier. And with Google playing God, it becomes critical than ever to own an audience, that you can reach out to whenever you want to.

Be your own boss. Take control by owning your audience and engage them with contextual push notifications. You are on the driving seat making all the decisions for your audience, making it possible to engage them at the right moment and bring them back to your site.


Capture the right marketing moment


Start engaging from day zero with Welcome Notifications

(A) Welcome your subscribers and point them towards your most popular article. Show them quality content, makes them want to read more, and retain them on your website.


(B) Welcome them with an introduction. Share your story with them, put in a personal touch to it, let them know who they are subscribed to. Build a sense of familiarity and help them know what they can expect from you.



Keep them up-to-date with real-time updates

Users who are a regular follower of the content that you post, need to be informed about the new article/video/podcast that you are posting or updating an already posted piece. This keeps them informed and brings them back to your website



Delight them by sending reminders 

Have an event that is going to start? An online course they registered for? Send the users a reminder to join. These timely reminders go a long way. 


Recommend relevant content

Send your readers contextual notifications according to their interests and on-site behavior. For example, not every person will be interested in receiving an update on the business, so there is no point in sending them a notification related to it. Grab their attention by sending popular content in the category they are interested in. They get a chance to read a new piece and you get your old content some juice.


Bring back readers who did not watch the entire video

You can send a web push notification to users that clicked on a video but didn’t watch it to completion. Recover your lost views with the new in less than 20 minutes. Send a reminder to bring viewers back users who did not watch a video to completion and recover abandoned videos in a jiffy.



Bring back reader who abandoned your tab

Every time a user drops off from your website and start browsing another website, notify them about their incomplete read and bring them back, without burning your $$s on remarketing ads!




Pre Launch E-Books and Videos

Build excitement, show them what can be expected out of the e-book or the video. Involve the user and engage with them to build some hype around it.


Get registrations on your online courses

Conducting an online course? Tell it to the world! Show them the value and pair it up with a sense of urgency. Encourage users to start registering right away! 



Encourage newsletter subscription

Increase your newsletter subscription base. Tell them what is it that gets covered, the frequency of notifications, and so on. Nudge them to start subscribing to your emails. 



Nudge users to be part of your paid subscriptions

Show them what they are missing out on. Create FOMO and encourage them to start subscribing to your exclusive content. 



Encourage social shares

Out with some amazing content? Tell your subscribers to give you a shout out. Nudge them to share it with others who might find value our of it. 


Ask for feedback

It is now easier to ask for feedback. Readers usually hesitate to write feedback because it consumes a lot of time and it has them filling multiple things. Ask one question at a go and make it easier for them to respond, with just one click. 


This is how web push notifications help publishers to create a better connection with their users. Sounds interesting? Visit iZooto to start sending web push for free!

This post was originally published on TechFAQ.


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