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Blogger, a Google hosted blogging platform, offers what is probably the cheapest cost of entry into blogging and hence is another widely used blogging platform besides WordPress. Bloggers and Content Marketers are constantly exploring new tools to drive more traffic to their Blogger website and build an authentic subscriber base faster than emails. iZooto web push notification platform for blogger website, helps them achieve this objective by enabling them to push relevant and real-time notifications for a seamless communication.


Here's how to setup iZooto on Blogger site


Step 1: Begin with signing in to iZooto.com with your credentials. On the dashboard, click on settings on the left sidebar, select integration details and copy the JS code.


iZooto integration instructions


Step 2: Sign in to your Blogger admin panel and click on 'Theme' from the left sidebar menu and then select 'Edit HTML'


Blogger Admin Panel


Step 3: In the HTML code, search for </head>


Add iZooto script in the head section


Step 4: Paste the JS code and click on Save theme


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