Ad Revenue Optimization for Q1- Checklist for Publishers


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Q1 is like the calm after the storm. A bit too calm for publishers that they struggle with the revenue drop. The spike in revenue after the festive season dies with the new year's dawn. There is a sharp decline in traffic, pageviews demand for ad inventory and CPM rates. Most publishers do not think beyond Adsense. And those who do, lack the skill, many are unhinged when provided with options and then there is always time, something that none of us have enough of.


 You might have started off with the planning for Q1. It is time to start off on the right note, especially with covid lingering to bite a chunk of the revenue. Jeff Missenti has a checklist for publishers to optimize their ad revenue and kickstart it for Q1. Be there when he spills the beans or stay in oblivion.


 Here is what he covered-

  • How to tackle the revenue drop when a new year begins
  • Why you need to think beyond AdSense and the must-try options
  • Unrevealing the plan for Q1 - Checklist to get you started
  • The dos and don'ts while optimizing ads 

 The floor will be open to questions, where you can ask him anything and everything related to ad optimization.

Learn How To Optimize Your Ad Revenue


Jeff Misenti

Co-founder, The Publisher Desk

Jeff is an experienced media executive with a demonstrated history of success in leadership roles. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Digital Strategy, Monetization, Integrated Marketing and Advertising.

He has worked as a Managing Director - Audience Insights & Experience at News UK and as a Chief Digital Officer at Fox News Digital. 

He later went on to form the Publisher Desk in 2016, a company that helps businesses increase revenue and reduce operational costs. 

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