How to Succeed In Google Discover: Everything You Need To Know


Learn All About Getting Featured in Google Discover From John Shehata 

Did You Know That 99% of Clicks On Google Discover Are On News Stories. 

That's one reason why you need to listen to John Shehata talk about how you can optimize your content for Google Discover

Just like Google News, Google Discover remains a black box for most News Publishers. They have little know-how on how to get their articles in Google Discover. But they do know that getting featured there can make all the difference. 

Google Discover not only features new stories but also evergreen content - which is why tapping into Google Discover as an audience development channel is a must, especially for News and media sites.

Join John Shehata to get your hands on the ultimate checklist, following which, featuring on Google Discover will become a regular affair.

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john shehata

John Shehata

VP Audience Growth, Condé Nast

John has over 2 decades of experience under his belt of helping Forture 500 brands build their SEO and audience growth strategy. In his role at Conde Nast, John oversees a team of experts across 18 brands spanning multiple departments including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Strategy, Email Strategy & Operations, and Cross Brands Initiatives & Organic Partnerships.

John is also CEO and Founder of NewzDash - a product that helps publishers track International, National and Local news in near real-time and provides insights.