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Web Push Notifications Checklist

Last updated on Aug 20, 2022

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Web Push Notifications Checklist

In the age of high tech and globalization, you have to be unique and work smart to beat your competitors. Most importantly if you are not making use of the technology around you, you are losing a big part of it. Web push notifications is one such technology that you can't miss out on. Billions of Web Push Notifications are sent every single day. In a short span of time, it has helped various industries and businesses to up their game. It has come as a ray of hope for marketers to quickly jump-start and skyrocket their metrics.

What Should you check before Pushing a Notification?

Choose The Right Language:

If you speak your user's language it will tighten the gap between both of you. It will make your user feel at ease and will feel that he belongs to your Ad. Communicating with your users' language, shows them how aware are you of their cultures and needs. This will give a higher probability of engagement and interaction from their side.

 Campaign Name, Tittle and Message:

A click on your notification will be your priority, won't it? Make effort to add an attractive yet relevant title and message. The more attractive and relevant the more clicks and interactions and high probability of conversions.



Use the right icon and Image

How many times were you told that visuals attract the human brain better? That's true. 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

Accordingly, you need to selectively choose the right icon that is relevant to your text or offer. We would advise that you choose your brand logo for the users to know that a particular notification has been sent by you. It helps build brand loyalty and helps your notification stand out of the crowd.


Double check the landing page URL

You don't want the users to land on the wrong or irrelevant page! The whole point of pushing a notification is to direct your users to the intended page, to encourage engagement and interaction. You don't want to miss out on a chance to drive the users back to your site, do you? Therefore it is necessary to make sure you have the right URL.


Adding relevant images and Inserting actionable CTAs


Check if UTM's are in place

You need to track if your campaigns are working well. More than that, you need to know which of your campaigns are receiving better clicks. Track the traffic on your website by filling the UTM parameters with the right words. The right keywords will help you in analyzing better.


Select audience and double check Push Time

Like everything, there should be a key point to be attentive to. To see optimum results in Web Push Notifications, Time will be the tricky point which you have to go through.


Always check your audience. You don't wan to end up sending the wrong notification to the wrong audience. Avoid pushing the notifications at an obscure time. No one likes that. 

Check out the right time to send out push notification according to your industry here. Our Local TimeZone comes in handy in such cases. You need to make sure that you do not send notifications at inappropriate timings. For example, if there is a sale that starts at midnight, and if some of the users receive the notification in at 10 in the morning, the information is no longer valuable. For all you know you might be called ‘spammy’. To avoid this, always send notifications according to the user's timezone.

If you are a publisher, here is a checklist for using push notification ads and monetizing your audience.

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Shrikant Kale
Shrikant Kale
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