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How News & Media Houses Are Increasing Reach With Messenger Engagement

Last updated on Sep 27, 2022

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How News & Media Houses Are Increasing Reach With Messenger Engagement

“Social media's history is not yet written, and its effects are not neutral.”

- Christopher Cox, former Chief Product Officer at Facebook

There are opportunities but also fears inside this brave new world of digital publishing. What the Google-Facebook duopoly is offering media houses for their quality journalism is plain dark. With a 2.93 bn monthly active Facebook audience, it should have been a cakewalk to get more visibility. Sure, you have built many followers along the way, but the Facebook engagement will make even the strongest shed a tear.

Though it gives you a platform to showcase your articles, it does not promise visibility to all. It is a rented platform after all, not a follower base you own. Marketing on Facebook’s News Feed is an unbreakable curse with its ever-changing algorithms.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, recently reshared a post on Facebook and witnessed a Facebook engagement rate as low as 0.05%. In a space where the platforms have stopped being true to the founders themselves, a better engagement solution was bound to show up.

Keeping the basic push notification features like personalization capability (first_name, geography, gender, etc) and real-time event updates as are, here are the seven use cases that can make social media managers breathe easy.

7 Messenger Engagement Use-Cases That Social Media Managers Can’t Get Enough Of

Get The First Impression Right

Every time someone subscribes to your notifications you need to acknowledge that they are subscribed and also appreciate them for doing so. You can share the most popular article, a recent one, or even give them access to one premium article to give them a flavor of what they can get by going premium.


New Content Alert

Be it breaking news or publishing a blog post, it needs to be put out there. Google discover gives you some attention for a few articles, but that is pretty much it. You look at the data and tell yourself what a glorious waste all that time and effort you put into this content piece have become.


You simply start sending out timely and personalized Messenger push notifications right after hitting that “publish” button. This channel is nascent and still gets you all the exciting CTRs as it lands directly inside the Messenger inbox.

messenger - 1-01

Reduce Subscription Abandonment

Media houses need to realize that subscription abandonment is a common problem. And one that can be solved. When someone abandons a form asking for their personal information, a personalized Messenger push notification that says - “Hey! You were so close to our premium insights” makes so much more sense and takes so much less $s.


Get more newsletter subscriptions

You were figuring out the best way to get more newsletter subscribers and here’s what one of the marketing experts suggested - create a kickass landing page. So, you made one. Only to realize that instead of filling the form, 68% of the users are abandoning it (with 81% abandonment happening right at the beginning). Nudge these users to subscribe to the newsletter to get those weekly or daily digests.subscribe to newsletter-01 (1)

Point Out Popular Articles

Send them the articles that are trending and keep them updated. It might also lure them to give it a read. More the people read, more the page views!

Read Now-01 (1)

Tab Abandonment

Readers are busy people. There are so many distractions around that they tend to abandon tabs and move to the next. Here is where your nudge will come in the picture to bring them back to your website. All you need to do is summarize the event and send it over to your Messenger audience. Here’s a similarly summarized solution-

Tab Abandonment

Send Daily/Weekly Digest

You get to reach the engaged ones and turn them into loyal readers. Just select the best-performing content pieces of the day/week and push it as a Messenger notification. After a point of time, they might even look forward to getting a summary of the best articles published.
Daily Digest

Encourage social shares

Who doesn’t want more eyeballs on the articles published? Your articles can get more visibility if shared by the readers themselves. And people are bound to open articles shared by the ones they personally know. Give them options to share it with their friends and colleagues.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively-01These use cases will get you started on your Facebook engagement journey. Make use of Messenger Engagement and get better visibility and increase page views.

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