Top 4 Ad Revenue Optimization Leaders For 2023

Last updated on Jan 20, 2023

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Top 4 Ad Revenue Optimization Leaders For 2023

More than 90% of publishers generate more than 90% of their revenue through advertising. Advertising either direct or programmatic is the bread and butter of almost all publishers. And when is comes to growing the business, most publishers, big and small start from thinking about - increasing their visitors, driving more sessions, better audience engagement, improving their core web vitals and more. These are all powerful levers to drive audience growth and more page views but publishers can also grow their revenue without having to grow their traffic. 

Introducing - Ad revenue optimizatio Increasing Ad Revenue without

Increasing Your Traffic

Ad revenue optimization is the process of creating and serving ads which are relevant to users and using data to test ad layouts, ad types to curate the best user experience and drive your CTRs. Ad Revneue optimization is no more a dark arts. There are now over 30+ service providers across the globe who help publishers - across web and app to optimize their advertising revenue. 

What does Ad Optimization lead to? 

Ad optimization is measure using bunch of metrics - CTRs, and eCPM are two key metrics.  CTRs are directly impacted by placement, and layouting. Both layout and placement need to be managed such that visitors click on ads. And what would make them click on it? Relevance and better viewability. 

4 best ad revenue optimization partners you need to check out

There are a lot of ad optimization partners out there and picking the pool of operators can get tricky. So we have filtered out the 4 best ad revenue optimization partners out there to make it easier for you to choose from according to your needs. 

1. Adpushup

Adpushup is ​​backed by Microsoft Ventures and is trusted by over 300 enterprise grade publishers across 50+ countries. They are partnered with multiple top-tier networks and exchanges such as OpenX, Rubicon Project,, Index Exchange, Pubmatic, and District M. 


Services offered 

Adpushup offers self-serve services, providing publishers the option to have more control and access to their campaigns, keep trying and make changes if needed. They also provide managed services, making it easier for publishers who want everything to be taken care of by the experts, while they can focus on other imminent things. 


Adpushup claims to increase eCPM by an average of 33%. They make use of data science and machine learning into the header bidding engine, with dynamic demand partner selection, multi-ad size support, publishers get the best yield. They also provide an a/b testing tool that helps them experiment with ad layouts. 


Their ad mediation tool goes through how the bid performs and makes intelligent choices based on these to zero down on a network that might provide the best bid. 


They have three plans businesses can choose from based on features they want access to. One needs to get on a demo to discuss the pricing plan that suits them the best. 

Getting started

Once signed up, you just have to integrate the JS code on the header. And you are good to go. Feel free to follow this link to set up a personalized demo with the adpushup team.

2. MonetizeMore

Monetize is an outsourced monetization partner and started off in 2010 and in 2020 they became a Google Certified Publisher Partner for the North American region. They have access to premium ad networks such as Amazon, double click ad exchange, AppNexus, District M to name a few. They have built this specifically for the publisher community. They make use of a combination of both manual optimization techniques and technology to make sure that the publishers get more revenue. 


Services offered

They provide publishers with both hands-off to self-serve options. They leverage PubGuru, to help publishers monitor their ad optimization operations and help in the optimization. It is a header bidding platform to increase RPMs and minimize ad management. Customers also get access to various reports such as ad network reports, revenue attribution reports. Some have said that the PubGuru platform tends to be a bit 

One can build custom reports based on the needs to see exactly which camping is working out for them and vice versa.  Customers can monitor for revenue discrepancies by measuring GAM Revenue data against Ad Network Revenue data as well to avoid issues from rupturing. They help in avoiding channel conflict by making sure you don't end up selling premium advertisers your ad impression for a cheaper rate. 

Traffic Cop, their machine learning integrated with PubGuru identifies and blocks ad fraud. Fraudulent and invalid traffic like illegal bots is kept away from the ad inventory ensuring that it does not affect you. It does not just detect invalid traffic but goes ahead and blocks it for you. This means that a pre-bid analysis takes place to ensure that ads are blocked from serving to fraudulent sources.  Ad revenue does not get impacted. A risk level score is attached to your website’s page views, giving a clear indication if the traffic is from a human or not. The IVT (invalid traffic) report shows the a percentage of suspected websites. Traffic Cop won the Google Innovation of the Year Award. 


They offer performance-based pricing models. The starer plan majorly focuses on publishers with monthly revenue of $1,000+, professional for $5,000+, premium fot $20,000+ and enterprise for $100,000+. Here are the features included- 

Pricing for Traffic Cop

Getting started

One can just sign up and get started for the starter plan

3. Ezoic

Ezoic is a Google award-winning platform for publishers. More than 10,000+ publishers make use of Ezoic. They were one of the first Facebook ad networks called Cubics after which in 2010 they started Ezoic. 

They not only help in optimizing ads but also lend a hand in improving the performance of your website and increasing website traffic. The idea behind Ezoic was that a good UX leads to better ad revenue. They help in improving the UX and the SEO services help in analyzing and testing the content helps in increasing core web vitals and building an audience using video. Which in turn gets your videos discovered in search as well. 

Services offered

They provide access to Good ad exchange as well as any other good revenue optimization tool. 

Their Ad tester helps try out different locations for placements using Ezoic’s chrome extension. It triggers testing many ads in one go and helps optimize reach and revenue. Numerous ad networks can be tested simultaneously and help bid over competition for each visitor. The ad tester makes it possible to do a split test and with the help of AI gets you the best results. 

Header bidding is pre-configured and they provide access to the top-performing ad networks. It links the existing ad networks and helps in competing with them. Makes use of AI to serve users with relevant ads and makes use of the right layout to maximize revenue. They test both ad variables such as ad type, location, metrics, and visitor variables such as time of the day, geo device and so on. This helps publishers make intelligent decisions. 

With big data analytics, he helps measure the scroll depth the word count and gives an exact idea of review that pours in from landing pages. One can also see which article is performing well and bringing in the revenue. 

They help in hosting videos on your site and help them get indexed. With them, it aims to maximize revenue break from the advertisers competing for ad inventory. 

Makes sure that less valuable ad spaces are not taken, make calculated decisions on ad size and layouts based on historical data and chooses the right ad type to show based on visit history.

Direct ad orders can also be taken, and the control stays with the publisher to choose the delivery type, inventory size, frequency, targeting and so on.

The AMP converter helps publishers optimize their mobile page speed by converting mobile pages to AMP pages and then monetizing them.


There is an option to try out a free trial as well. 

Ezoic UX features are 100% free for monetization customers. 

Getting started

One can go ahead and create an account, integrate with Ezoic and configure settings. It starts with a 30-day free trial and then you go ahead opt the plan based on the number of visitors. If you are a small publisher this would be a right fit. 

4. Freestar

Freestar mainly caters to publishers, eCommerce, App developers and advertisers.  Financial Services, Gaming, Technology. Freestar provides custom programmatic advertising, proprietary header bidding optimization tools, real-time unified dashboards and a lot more. They provide a 360-degree ad Stack and ad product offering. 


The team of yield management experts conducts weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews of the website and consult on how one can increase viewability by optimizing ad layouts, incorporating dynamic ads and new ad products. They create an ideal ad stack to bring in more moolah. Ad recovery ensures that ads that are previously blocked by ad blockers are recovered. 



A/B testing to experiment and zero down to teh final version, get insights for the next campaign. Header bidder wrapping to integrate with the ad stack. Different size placements to ensure that your ads are placed in a way you get more revenue and CPMs.

Getting started

You can get on a call with them and get started. Just copy-paste the code into the head of the body and you are good to go.


Pricing has no specific clarity on this bit. However, you can reach out to them and devise the right pricing plan according to your needs. 

Apart from these 4, the list of ad revenue optimization service providers runs in to dozens. You can grab your copy by requisition for access here.

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