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What Are Rich Push Notifications?

Last updated on Aug 20, 2022

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What Are Rich Push Notifications?

What are rich push notifications?

Rich push notifications are notifications with multimedia, be it an image, gif, audio, or video. We all know images speak louder than words and gifs and videos take it up a notch. Many marketers make use of this fact to encourage readers to revisit their website and to grab readers’ attention with visually striking notifications. Research points that notifications with images tend to perform better than just text push notifications. It helps grab attention and convey more information visually. Here is what a rich push notification looks like-

Rich push notification anatomyWhy use Rich Push Notifications?

Make a stronger impact with rich push notifications. Improve your engagement strategy by leaning on to the multimedia approach and speak more than words ever could. Share that extra information which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible because of the word limit on a notification.

Rich push notifications provide an enhanced experience, increasing the chances of readers interacting with the notification and drive repeat visits. Readers can see a preview of the notification on their lock screen as well from where the reader can interact with the notification right then and there.

Here are a few examples of how publishers make use of rich push notifications-

1. Tell a story through visuals

Send news stories with photographs from the article. A snippet of news that shows what exactly happed, then leaving it to the reader’s imagination.

2. Provide more information

Notifications have only so much space that you can make use of to convey information. With images, one can share more information. But make sure that you do not overwhelm the reader.

Provide-more-information3. Make it visually appealing

An image reference also helps one recollect what they previously read or saw on you website. Visuals can make you want to take action. Make your notification appealing and encourage readers to click on your site.
Make-it-visually-appealing-If you want to know about rich push notifications or push notifications in general, just ping us on chat :)

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