“It's been 1+ years working with iZooto. There were many suggestions incorporated and many issues resolved during the course. Development is an ongoing process and as a customer, I am happy to realize that innovation is a need for both the organizations.”

- Tushar Khandelwal, Sr. Manager, Jagran

Dainik Jagran is the flagship brand of Jagran Prakashan Limited and one of the top performing customers of iZooto.

Jagran tapped on iZooto in February 2018 to gain more page views in order to stay ahead of the competition. By the end of March 2019, iZooto has been successfully able to contribute 209.5 million page views and a 10%+ increase in the traffic.


The Most Versatile and Leading Daily In India

Referred as the most credible source in the Indian Press Media by BBC - Reuters, Jagran is the world’s largest read daily with a readership of 54 million and a consumer market of $200 billion.

Launched in 1942 when the “freedom movement” in India had just started to flap its wings, Jagran was envisioned as “a newspaper that would reflect the free voice of people”. The media company today has 37 editions, 200+ sub-editions, and has been declared as the world’s largest read daily by the World Association of Newspaper (WAN). Jagran gets circulated across 11 states and 250+ districts of the country with a  vision of building a true relationship with the audience.


Not Having Enough Repeat Visitors To Own The Top Spot

It was early February of 2018. Time of the yearly performance analysis for the marketing unit at Jagran. But surprisingly, the team wasn’t very excited this time.

Though the brand gained enough traction and hit its annual targets of new visitors, the constant fear of losing its #1 spot to the competition pressurized them. While reader acquisition seemed to be steady, user engagement was where the team felt challenged.

After a year-long investment in acquiring new users, the focus immediately shifted towards retaining these users and driving repeat traffic. It didn’t take them long to realize the direct impact of low repeat traffic on the bar that set Jagran above its peers.


“In the media world, publishing breaking news to the right audience is a major challenge. For Jagran, I was looking for a solution that, along with segmenting this audience, could help win the repeat visitors as well. A solution that could help us stay ahead of the competition. ”

- Tushar Khandelwal, Sr. Manager, Jagran.


Being the only newspaper in India that had touched the 50+ million title, Jagran realized the importance of converting the new visitors into a loyal audience in order to retain the #1 spot.


209.5 mn+

Page Views
powered by iZooto


Website Traffic
powered by iZooto


Building An Audience On Right Channel With The Right Service Provider



Notifications enable audience building, brand loyalty, and incremental revenue. No chance, we could have left that untapped.

- Tushar Khandelwal


A newspaper that took nearly 80 years to turn into a globally renowned brand was at stake here. The only hope was to build a loyal audience. And, that required targeting the right audience with the right news.

After identifying push notifications as the perfect engagement and retention channel, Jagran decided to try their hands on One Signal.

The good thing about diving into something so powerful like notifications is that you try to ask questions and explore its every bit out of curiosity. The last sentence hit Jagran in the best of their luck.



“I soon recognized many features like data protection, transparency, best performing stories, right segmentation on the audience, monetization opportunity, etc that were being offered by other service providers but were missing in One Signal“

- Tushar Khandelwal


 In a world with no stores, whose door would you knock when you’re out of, let’s say ice? A door that’s capable enough to offer some ice. Networks and recommendations led Tushar to iZooto and he was all in when his “should be in the solution” checklist got most of the features ticked.



“Jagran chose iZooto for the software capabilities offered by the solution. Tushar was so thrilled when we walked him through iZooto’s audience segmentation, reports, scheduling options and CTR with the incredible monetization opportunities.”

- Aditi Khanna, Associate Partner @iZooto



Subscribers (Segmented) + Notifications (Regular and Personalized) = Audience (Owned)

Jagran tried iZooto for a week and decided to onboard its 12 other divisions as well. The media company centered its focus around regular engagement right from the beginning. They realized that building and owning a reliable audience would require segmentation. Hence, going beyond the usual routine was mandatory.

Distribution of breaking news followed segment-the-audience-first approach. Timely, personalized and limited notifications were pushed regularly. A dedicated team was kept in place to implement the solution in the most efficient of ways.



iZooto is pioneering the efforts to help publishers build their own audience and engage with them in a meaningful way. Our success with Jagran is a testimony of the iZooto's platform capabilities and the extraordinary efforts put in by the team Jagran

- Neel Kothari, CEO @iZooto



We Just Can’t Stop Celebrating

Then came the time to analyze whether the channel and the best practices suggested by iZooto were worth the efforts. Notifications that drove 1-2% CTR were observed to receive 5X clicks when pushed to a segmented audience. Regular engagement with personalized notifications helped Jagran built a loyal following of - 1,538,856 repeat visitors.

To keep the cycle spinning, iZooto didn’t just help Jagran built a massive audience but also contributed 209.5 million additional page views and a 10%+ increase in the traffic.

“The best thing about using iZooto is that it’s easy to use. I love the simple and extensive dashboard with all the information a publisher needs and it comes with a capacity to identify the right audience mix as well”

- Tushar Khandelwal, Sr. Manager, Jagran

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