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Your brand, your audience - the motto, iZooto lives by.

As an owned audience marketing platform, iZooto is built to solve publishing problems. Problems as trivial as - going back and forth with your engineering team to set up push notifications. And as critical as making advanced targeting a cakewalk for editorial teams. So if you are engaging your audience with quality content but segmentation capabilities half as good - it is time to switch.

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iZooto For Editors  

Create Rich Notifications, In Not More Than 30 Seconds

It will be 5 seconds if you are using WordPress where the notifications get auto-created as you write your posts. Once done, just tap on "Publish" and you can drive instant traffic on your new WordPress page. For a non-WordPress scenario, the 30-seconds promise remains intact. Just paste the URL and click on "Fetch" to auto-create a notification inside the panel. You will see the Title, Message, Banner Image - and you'd be good to go.




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iZooto For Marketers

Advanced Targeting, Your Custom Audiences Are 3-Clicks Away  


How about we say "enough" to our one-size-fits-all strategy for good this time?

Your sticky content is all set to play its charm - awesome, but it is important that you deliver the right news to the right audience. An audience that comes from different geographies, uses different devices, and above all behaves differently on your website. Collect this data using iZooto, create your custom audience segments, and deliver a happy user experience and not just the notification.


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iZooto For Product Managers

Traffic Growth, To Scale Month Over Month


Your website visitors will leave. That's the harsh reality iZooto helps you move over and build an audience to counter the loss. Publishers working with iZooto are able to covert their new traffic to repeat traffic. This not only helps you boost your website sessions but also empowers brand loyalty as a whole. 


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iZooto Leads The 19
"Best Push Notification Solutions"
Ranked By G2Crowd For 2020


Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

Do you know that feeling when you are stuck for hours on support lines and waiting for someone to resolve your query? There’s only little that help docs and FAQs can do and sometimes you need a real human who can understand your problem. With iZooto, you don’t need to worry about any of this

Don’t take our words, see what Erin has to say - "Great Platform, Great Employees! If you have questions on creating segments or ideas for new campaigns the employees are always there to help"


Customer Support At The Speed Of Thought


Your success starts by providing you with the best possible customer support.

That’s why our instant chat support team (orange widget in the panel) is always there to help you get the most out of iZooto.




Right from the integration to your first 100,000 subscribers to the day you draft the snapshot of your traffic growth report, both success and support teams will be there to guide you with the do's and don'ts. 


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