Sutiporn-1, part of Tencent Thailand, and #1 news destination in Thailand has signed an annual contract with iZooto to use their owned audience marketing platform. It has seen tremendous growth, both in terms of traffic and revenue after implementing iZooto.


One of the oldest and the best a Thai-language news website was founded in 1998. In 2007, they expanded the content categories such as news, entertainment, lifestyles, online businesses, etc to cater to a larger set of audience. In 2016, Sanook adopted its parent company’s name, Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited, and ever since have strived to expand and evolve according to the needs of its readers.


Thinking outside the website

Sanook is always on a quest to provide the best user experience for the readers and is dedicated to developing high-quality content for its readers to indulge. While traffic was shooting through the roof, the number of return visitors were not as they would have expected it to be. It was observed that time spent on the page from direct traffic was comparatively high but the number of return visitors was low. A lot of traffic did come from search engines, but those were mostly one time visit and did contribute to anything further.

It goes without saying that they create amazing content and also delighted the users with them, but not everyone was aware when a new piece of content was published. While they have a huge following of 5,795,051 readers on Facebook alone, the reach remained limited and they were not able to engage with their readers. The traffic they receive from social channels, spend less time on-site compared to direct traffic.

This was a pressing issue they wanted a solution to. A channel that would help them engage outside their website, get repeat visits and increase time spent on site.



of total traffic generated
from iZooto


more page views as compared to search and social


Sprinting to the finish line by owning the audience




Sutiporn was delighted when Aditi showed how easy it was to engage users even when they are not on the website. But what intrigued him the most was the idea of owning the audience. This allowed them to take full control of their readers and engage them with contextual notifications.

They were onboarded in June 2019 and started building an audience from day zero. And in just one year, they grew a subscriber list to more than 4,723,860. Now every time they published something new, they pushed out a notification that helped them engage their subscribers in real-time and bring them to their website in a jiffy.


Engaging users like never before

In less than 1 year, iZooto and Sanook were able to crack these results-

  • iZooto currently contributes ~10M page views, which is about 10% of the total traffic.
  • Users coming back from push notification generate 2-2.5X more page views as compared to search and social. 
  • Readers coming via push notifications also spend more time on the site, similar to direct traffic.

The target is to grow iZooto's contribution to 20M page views by the end of the year.



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