Automate Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover up to 40% of your lost sales with personalized and targeted web push notifications. 


2X Your Conversion Rate With Abandoned Cart Notification Campaigns

Use personalized automated notifications to retarget users abandoning their shopping carts and recover lost sales. Recover your lost sales without spending on ads.


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Recover Abandoned Carts 

About 3/4 of your shoppers abandon their carts, creating a huge an opportunity cost. Use web push notifications to drive your audience revisit their carts and recover sales.

Features That Make It Happen

  • Target Via Automated Notifications

    The notification drip gets triggered for subscribers who have abandoned their carts and drives them to complete the purchase.

  • Engage With Personalized Content

    Trigger action by engaging your audience at the right moments with product specific notifications, personalized with details like product name, image, price, and url.

  • Analyze Performance

    What can be measured can be improved! Dive in details like audience reached and Click Through Rate at both playbook and notification level.

Integrations We Support

  • iZooto Push Notifications for Adidas
  • iZooto Push Notifications for KoleImports
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Movistar
  • iZooto Push Notifications for MayoClinic
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Yahoo Taiwan
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Walmart

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