How Local Publishers Are Uplifting Local Communities In The Pandemic

Why Listen To Bruce Potter?

While giants like the Washington Post were busy focusing on the international market, InsideNova stuck to the local communities. They knew there’s more to news than just politics, but also roads, schools, employment, etc.

And today in these tough times, it is paying them off just right.

Situated around Northern Virginia, this media house has a huge presence with around 100k followers, an email list of 80k+ subscribers and 0.5 to 1 million unique visitors on the website every month.

Their COO Bruce Potter joined us for a conversation and answered tons of our questions around how have they transitioned from being a conventional newspaper to going absolutely digital, their advertising revenue getting affected this pandemic, the various silver linings that they have found for themselves, and what are some trends that he thinks are never going to come back once this pandemic gets over.

Bruce Potter

Bruce Potter

COO, Rappahannock News (InsideNova)

A man who brings with himself an experience of around 35 years, Bruce Potter is an accomplished executive with successes in strategic development and execution, sales leadership, marketing, operations, and multimedia communications.

Bruce is recognized as a collaborative leader with a record of developing and execution, launching, marketing and growing new and profitable products. He specializes in a lot of fields like multimedia communications, product management, marketing, sales leadership, etc.

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