At NY Times SEOing is a Newsroom Effort

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New York Times is the epicenter or gold standard of journalism, and a huge chunk of the credits go not just to the incredible team of impeccable journalists but the SEO team which is always on its toe to get the perfect content out.

Claudio Cabrera has been working for the New York Times for the last 4 years now. What started with 2 people is now a combined newsroom effort. In this conversation, Claudio talks about his journey at NY Times, his biggest superpowers - having been a journalist and now an SEO expert, and do SEOs really hate paywall so much? 

The discussion also covered subscription business, and if its the main KPI for NY Times. He also revealed his favorite SEO tools, tune in to discover. 

claudio cabrera

Claudio Cabrera

Deputy Off-Platform Director, New York Times

Claudio Cabrera is the Deputy Off-Platform Director at the New York Times. An award winning audience development expert, journalist and a future author, Claudio has also worked as the Director of Social and Search Strategy at CBS Local Digital Media. 

Someone who began their career in 2004, Claudio has come a long way, efficiently fitting in the roles of a journalist as well as an SEO expert. A great revenue driver for all the organisations he has worked for, Claudio is currently working on a short stories book focused on race in Latin America. 

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