How the Ongoing Media Trends help build the Reader-Publisher Relationship

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"Today is an interesting term because it's changing so quickly."

Jonny Kaldor, CEO, and co-founder of Pugpig left us wondering when he said this while discussing the latest trends in the media publishing industry. 

According to him, the most important of them is the use of audio, especially podcasts. And the reason to use them amplifies more especially during these tough times. When earlier a virtual event would see 70-80 attendees, today the number soars to 800-1000.

He also emphasized the benefits of having a separate audience for separate products with separate prices. To know the reason why, tune in.

Jonny Kaldor

Jonny Kaldor

Jonny is the Co-founder and CEO of Pugpig.

Prior to setting up Pugpig, Jonny was MD, Technology and Product Development at News Corporation's Digital Media Group, focusing on building new digital brands.

This followed three years as CTO at News International, where he was responsible for technology delivery across the business.Before joining News, Jonny spent his days, weeks and months trying to build a global digital supply chain for EMI Music.

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