Why Every Business Needs To Obsess About Site Performance


Why Watch This Webinar

So many times while ordering food, we filter out restaurants on the because they'd take too long to deliver. And the same goes for websites, the moment it starts taking too long to perform, the user loses their interest. 

This generation's obsession with speed is well known and sites are quite the winners here. The internet is filled with quantity today, thus quality becomes the savior. To elaborate further on this we have joining us on the 25th of June, is Mark Randall at 11:30 AM IST.

The major discussion revolved around these points:

  • The importance of speed for a site's performance and its key measures
  • Performance budgeting and how well is feature justified for the budget it carries
  • What are the drivers of performance, elaborating more on infrastructure and the puter, application and caching, common front-end and other speed traps

Mark Randall

Mark is the country manager of Australia and New Zealand for WP Engine. He is an experienced General Manager, Country Manager and Sales Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled  in Leadership, Sales, Cloud Computing, Web/Digital Technologies, Software as a Business (SaaS) and Business Planning.

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