Avoid The Mad Rush. Schedule A Push Notification. 

Set it up once and let the magic work by itself. Engage visitors even when you are petting your cat.




Perfect for a editors who plans campaigns in advance

It is important for the editorial team to plan their communication that would go
on a specific date and time to avoid crazy last minute rush. 


Schedule a notification in just 1 click 

It couldn't get easier. Schedule it once and let us take care of the rest. Schedule and automate your notifications and reach out to your readers at a pre-set time.



Make life easier. Know more about scheduling a notification.

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Integrations we support

  • iZooto Push Notifications for Adidas
  • iZooto Push Notifications for KoleImports
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Movistar
  • iZooto Push Notifications for MayoClinic
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Yahoo Taiwan
  • iZooto Push Notifications for Walmart

Powerful Playbooks To Engage And Retain

Welcome Your Subscribers

Engage your audience from day zero. Create a series of notifications that would be sent to them over a few days once they subscribe. Delight them and bring them back to your website. 

Recover Abandoned Tab

Every time a user drops off from your website and start browsing another website, notify them about their incomplete read and bring them back, without burning your $$s on remarketing ads!

Recover Abandonment Video

Recover your lost views with the new in less than 20 minutes! Send a reminder to bring viewers back users who did not watch a video to completion and recover some of your lost video sessions. 


Convert your visitors into an audience


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