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All You Need To Know About Push Traffic And Its Benefits

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

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All You Need To Know About Push Traffic And Its Benefits

Looking for opportunities to engage your audience better? I bet you’ve considered push notifications and have been taken aback by the bad-mouthing for years now. So how about you answer a quick question for me


What’s the one thing that’s wrong with push notifications and is completely out of your control? 


Push notifications, just like any other marketing channel, have endured the backlash even while delivering excellent results to those that are using the channel cautiously. Long story short, spammy or not, it all depends on how you choose to use push notifications.

Now, Allow me to sit you down and explain what the channel can help you achieve. Starting with - 


What Exactly Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the short media-rich messages that marketers use to engage their website visitors and bring them back to an app or a website to ensure retention. Push notifications majorly are of three types - 

  • Browser Push Notifications - Users’ can opt in to receive your content without installing your app. Browser push notifications are received even when the user is not on your website.
  • Messenger Push Notifications - Distributes content even to your iOS audience (not possible with browser push notifications as of now) and lets you also send videos, .gifs, PDFs, etc to your push traffic.
  • App Push Notifications - Android users’ will get automatically subscribed after installing your app whereas iOS users would have to opt in. App push notifications are received even when the user is not using your app.

Benefits Of Using Push Notifications?

Not getting enough clicks from your email broadcasts? It’s about time you give Push Notifications a chance. What difference would that make? Let’s find out -

  • Real-time Delivery - Push notifications are delivered in real-time and ensure instant engagement. Perfect for Editors trying to increase new content readership and affiliates trying to scale conversions on their sponsored posts, push notifications are a one-stop solution for marketers struggling to get eyeballs in this ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) affected digital ecosystem.
  • 100% visibility - This one’s my favorite. What better way to catch your audience’s attention than a message delivered right at the corner of a screen? None. Push notifications rule out almost all engagement channels (emails, display ads, social, etc) when it comes to ensuring a 100% visibility of content.  
  • 0 space on your website - Wave your sweet goodbyes to a cluttered and obnoxious UI. Unlike ads that are submerged on your content pages and ruin the user experience for good, push notifications occupy 0 pixels on your website.   
  • Comparatively higher CTR - 12.6% (to be precise) when sent to the right audience segmentation at the right time and in a timely manner. Now, this compared to 0.5% (an industry-standard) seen by display ads - doesn’t leave any room for argument.

Alright. So now that we have a basic idea of what push notifications are and what kind of magic they deliver to your marketing reports, let’s quickly find out the kind of businesses this channel is best suited for.


Who Can Benefit From Push Traffic?   

To be honest, push notifications are for every single website/app owner that aims to engage its audience digitally. But that said, here are the two niches that heavily rely on push notifications to seek good results.

Publishers - On a broad level, publishers use push notifications to break news, earn push ads revenue, recover the lost sessions with automated playbooks and distribute content to a specific audience segment (for eg. sports audience won’t get what new mess did D. Trump create yesterday but what Nike’s new Joyride running shoes are all about)

Ecommerce Merchants - On the other hand, retailers use push notifications to simply make more sales. They need to engage a visitor differently at different buying stages. Automated push notifications serve this purpose perfectly by engaging product viewers, collection visitors, cart abandoners via different notifications, and at the right marketing moment to ensure conversion.

Alright. Now you know, if you’re running one of these two businesses how would push notifications help you hit the mark. So let’s answer the real question now -

How Is Push Traffic Better Qualified Than New Visitors?

Okay, let’s go simple first.

Push Traffic = Loyal

New Visitor = Not Loyal

If you’ve been affected by the dreads of the Duopoly (Google and Facebook) in recent times, you’d understand how important visitor loyalty is today. It is crucial to convert your new visitors (no permissions given by the user to the brand) into push traffic (permissions create a direct touchpoint that ensures user engagement and user retention).

8 Best Push Notification Ad Networks 

Out of the many push ad networks serving marketers, here are the top 8 players who have been ranked highest by the G2Crowd for consecutive years –


1. iZooto - Identified as a solution delivering incomparable revenue lifts to publishers (up to 15%) and retailers (up to 8%), iZooto has recently been ranked first in the G2Crowd listing of “best web push notification software”.


2. EVADAV - EvaDav is a client-oriented native advertising network, providing cutting-edge solutions both to advertisers and publishers who are integrated into a single platform.”


3. Ad Maven - Ad-Maven has over 25 years of experience and pays you a good margin. It is a self-serve platform and registering to it is quick and does not take more than an instant. 


4. Propellerads - Propellor Ads, based in the U.K is an ad network that promises 100% international traffic and the highest possible CPM. It is a CPM based network unlike AdSense and offers a very large variety of ad products. 


5. Push Monetization - With an untapped inventory and unique monetization solution, Push Monetization is a really good push monetization solution.”


6. MegaPush - Megapush is the newest ad network with a very original twist for it is the very first ad network that allows you to send ads with push notifications.”


7. Adsterra - Adsterra is known to have a massive reach, as it serves over 10 billion impressions per month and also has a wide reach.”


8. Rich Push - RichPush Insights allow you to see an average price for any selected country as well as the price on any specific device.


Being the only ad format that delivers drool worthy CTRs on the push the traffic without cluttering the website or app in any way, push ads are stealing the show for advertisers. Like to learn more? Head over to this article.  


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Neha Tanwer
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