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Learn all about Push Notification Advertising and getting started.

Advertising on the internet, as we know it, is optimized for one thing i.e Attention. This is further extended to action after attention (Click Through Rate). Advertising dollars on good ol’ web are spent across 5 different mediums, each of which represents a unique format.

  • Search - Classic Text-based Ads
  • Social - Visual or Video Ads that are part of your social network feed
  • Display - Banner Ads that you see as you browse the internet
  • Native Ads - Ad format that resonates with the look and feel of the platform where they are served
  • Video Ads - Pre-Roll Ad

Here's What This Guide Covers 

  1. What is Push Notification Advertising?
  2. Anatomy of a Push Ad:
  3. What Makes Push Ads Better Than The Display Ads?
  4. How Push Notification Monetization Works?
  5. Push Ad Network Landscape for Publishers
  6. 8 Best Push Notification Ad Networks in 2024

What is Push Notification Advertising?

Web push notifications were first introduced in Apr 2015 by Chrome. Simply put, push notification advertising is nothing but delivering a specific format of an ad using a web push notification. These ads are delivered directly to the device of the user and hence don’t necessarily compete to occupy space on the publisher’s website. 

Push Notification ads, given their snappy nature, also enjoy extremely high viewability and CTRs. CTRs for push notification ads vary from 0.5% to as high as 3%.

Anatomy of a Push Notification Ad:

Anatomy of a Push Notification Ad

Are Push Ads Better Than The Display Ads? If Yes, How?

Push Notification ads, unlike all other ad formats, command a lion’s share of the user’s attention - which directly makes this media inventory extremely visible. At the same time, ads delivered on push notifications do not compete with banner ads or blog posts for attention.

  1. Maximizing Lifetime Revenue - Building an audience using push notifications gives publishers an opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of their site visitors. With native content ads served on notifications, publishers can directly encash that opportunity and boost their ad revenue by up to 15% month on month 
  2. New Real Estate For Ads - How to make more money without serving more ads on your website? The answer to this question is push advertising simply because these ads are delivered to the device and not on a webpage. Push ads don’t compete with display ads. They compete.
  3. Better Ad Visibility - Push notifications are agnostic to ad blockers and because they are snappy, they enjoy a disproportionately higher viewability as compared to display ads. Marketers must serve content and ads so as to maximize this leverage.
  4. Potential To Clock 5X Conversion Rate -  As per SmartInsights, Avg CTR on Display Ads is ~ 0.05% where as Avg CTR on Push Notification Ads is ~ 0.5 - 2%

How Push Notification Monetization Works?

Push ads are delivering astonishing CTRs to the advertisers, hence, gives publishers a strong motive to vouch for the ad format. 

From the 45B+ notifications we’ve sent, we saw that the:

  • Avg Opt-in Rate: 4%
  • Subscriber Churn: 20%*

*(most websites receive 35% churn in their first month and 20% (average) in the subsequent months)

Let’s have a brief scenario where we look at how push ads yield the revenue for a publisher receiving 100K Unique Monthly Visitors:

Let’s assume: Traffic is coming in largely from the US

  • iOS Traffic: 30%
  • Desktop Traffic: 40%
  • Android Traffic: 30%

So your push notification audience in 6 months (with 4% audience acquisition and 20% churn) would grow to 15,236 subscribers.

Let's do the Math!

How much more traffic will be received?

Now, if the publisher pushes 2 notifications every day:

  • Average CTR = 2%**

**(is 5% but decreases by 10% for initial few months and settles at 2%(average) for the subsequent months)

  • Total no. of notifications sent in the 1st month = (2 notif.)*(30 days)*(15,236 subsc.) = 914,160 notifications
  • Total additional sessions generated in 1st month = (914,160/100)*2 = 18,283 clicks

Your total website traffic will become 118,283 (increased by 18%)


How much more revenue will be added?

Additionally, if 2 push notification ads are sent:

  • Clicks received = 18,283
  • Let’s assume the minimum CPC rate = 10 cents

Revenue generated from 2 notifications ads will be =18,283*10 cents = $1,828 in the First month


Push Ad Network Landscape for Publishers

Publisher’s analysis while choosing a web push service provider needs to target its monetization and engagement capabilities. Here’s what the landscape of solution, currently leading the industry, looks like:


8 Best Push Notification Ad Networks in 2024

There are many push notification ad networks that help websites earn this additional revenue. Here are the top 8 players who specifically cater to publishers:


1. iZooto


“Identified as a solution delivering incomparable revenue lifts to publishers (up to 15%), iZooto has recently been ranked first in the G2Crowd listing of “best web push notification software”

iZooto helps publishers with audience building and driving user engagement using web push notifications. Over 15,000 marketers use iZooto to push over 10B notifications a month, making it the second-largest push notification platform in the world. It is based on the simple premise – In the world of walled gardens, publishers must own their audience and invest in building their media assets.

Within a few months of installing iZooto, several publishers have seen a traffic growth of up to 22%, Thus, apart from increasing your website’s page views, it offers an incremental source of revenue from push notification ads! 

Publishers having at least 100k monthly visitors from tier one countries (US, UK, Canada) can get started with iZooto.

  • Clean native and contextual ads
  • A robust product that can help you increase website traffic by 22%
  • Recommended for publishers
  • Highest revenue potential than competitors

With iZooto Push Notifications Ads, you can finally use a format that does not interrupt a user’s content experience and helps you monetize them effectively. 

2. Pushub



“Pushub supports customers from start to finish, using AI and Big Data to achieve top performance”

Pushub is a publishing house specializing in niche content sites, boasting a premium push notification user base from in-house and direct news, finance, and content sites like Newsvot, Cryptovot, and Funnyvot.

Pushub offers worldwide Premium Push notification traffic on Dsp for advertisers, ad agencies & Brands working on CPC basis. Top-performing GEOs include the US, English-speaking countries, and Western Europe. With around 13,000 direct partners and over 23.7 million unique users reached via push notifications, numbers continue to grow daily.

    • Performance: 

      Traffic sold on CPC/CPM basis, achieving CPA/CPS results through advanced optimization tools:
      • CPA Goal optimization mode
      • User Age Optimization mode (per hour/per day)
      • AI Optimizer: integrating 5 years of experience into AI for smart optimization
  • Service: an experienced, proactive english-speaking Customer Support team.
  • Top verticals-2024: Finance (Loans, Debt, Credit, Mortgage), Medicare /ACA, Software/Anti-Virus, Per Per call, Home Improvement, Sweeps & Lead Gen. 

Flexible working conditions, from DIY formats to agency-run turnkey campaigns.





“EvaDav is a client-oriented native advertising network, providing cutting-edge solutions both to advertisers and publishers who are integrated into a single platform.”

EvaDav provides the best performance for the advertisers and embraces one of the most prospective markets of advertising formats – native advertising and push notifications.

EvaDav accepts traffic with any geo. The advertisers offer appropriate advertising campaigns and deals for any country. The platform offers the highest conversion rate on the market since it aims at demonstrating to customers only the appropriate and relevant advertising based on the internal analysis tools. Advantages of cooperating with EvaDav:

  • only verified advertisers
  • A wide selection of landing pages for any kind of traffic
  • development of custom LP’s according to individual webmaster’s requests
  • integration with plenty of trackers, such as Binom, Keitaro, BeMob, PeerClick
  • personal account manager available 24/7


4. Ad Maven



“Ad-Maven has over 25 years of experience and pays you a good margin.”

Ad Maven is a self-serve platform and registering to it is quick and does not take more than an instant. 

All of this will be done in over 5 minutes, where you would also pick your preferred monetization, copy a piece of code and implement on your website, after which, you can begin to monetize your website.


5. Propellerads



“Propellor Ads, based in the U.K is an ad network that promises 100% international traffic and the highest possible CPM.”

PropellerAds is a CPM based network unlike AdSense and offers a very large variety of ad products. 

They offer good ad quality. If you have a good volume of social or direct traffic, Propeller ads can be a good monetization solution for you. 

  • Good CPM rates for push notification ads.
  • Lifetime incremental revenue from your ads
  • Popular ad network used by 1000s of active publishers worldwide.


6. Push Monetization


“With an untapped inventory and unique monetization solution, Push Monetization is a really good push monetization solution.”

Push Monetization supports all  Push Enabled Browsers, be it, Chrome (android or desktop), Safari(Desktop), Firefox(desktop) or even Opera (android and desktop). 

There are a number of partners who bid on their push inventory and they also have their algorithms in place to generate the maximum revenue for publishers. 

  • Relatively newer push notification ad network
  • Incremental monetization stream for publishers
  • Easy to get started
  • Calculates user lifetime value


7. Adsterra


“Adsterra is known to have a massive reach, as it serves over 10 billion impressions per month and also has a wide reach.”

One of the top networks that grew significantly in terms of popularity and scale, Adsterra,  mainly runs campaigns from affiliates and advertisers who are looking to maximize their app downloads. 

They were pretty much in the spotlight recently because of Google banning AdSense publishers as Adsterra has allegedly promoted malware and redirects. All of it was to keep in the best interest of the visitors. 


8. Rich Push



“RichPush Insights allow you to see an average price for any selected country as well as the price on any specific device.”

RichPush is one of the best push notification ad networks with a high conversion rate and advanced targeting. Under it almost all niches show good performance, be it Nutra, health, gambling, finance, casino, betting, crypto, app installs, etc.



Ending Note

Many publishers are under the impression that push notifications are far from becoming a viable channel for advertising. The arguments and figures mentioned above state both sides of the story. Publishers and platforms, both need to work together on driving impactful usage of push notifications in advertising. This annual report on push ads is us taking the first step. Let’s keep the conversation going


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