Testimonialsai-J-1INQUIRER is a media group with over a dozen subdomains. is one of the popular news portals in the Philippines. Inquirer is in a unique nation in southeast Asia. As a English speaking country, it behaves very differently from its neighboring countries. That’s one of the reasons why Facebook is more popular than WeChat or Line. With iZooto, Inquirer has skyrocketed its engagement metrics using web push notifications.


Keeping Filipinos abreast with the latest news is the official news website of the INQUIRER Group of Companies. The website covers breaking news 24/7 and attracts readers all over the Philippines and Filipino readers overseas. It covers the latest issues on Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Business, and Technology. They have a huge reader base and are popular on social media channels, with a follower count of 6,599,753 on Facebook and 3.1M on Twitter.


The road to real-time engagement has been a slippery slope

While journalists have always been on their toes to cover news and break news on the website, engaging people outside has been a very big challenge. The majority of internet users in the Philippines are active on Facebook. Hence the publishers have a massive dependency on social platforms. But being a brand that has always strived to do better, they started their hunt to find another channel that would help them own the communication with their end audience.

News is a unique category where timing and delivery are extremely time-sensitive. Mainstream news is all about reaching the users at the right time. Otherwise, you lose the edge. Given the amount of content being published on a daily basis, they wanted to ensure that only relevant updates are shown to readers.

The team at Inquirer wanted to reach out to the readers with breaking news quicker and in real-time. They were looking for a marketing solution that would make them the first to break news and also help them build and understand the audience preferences.



active subscribers in
less than a year

> 3.5M

new sessions on-site in
the last 3 months


Breaking news to their owned audience




Jonathan continues to be excited with the idea of reaching out to their audience as and when they want to. Audience ownership is something they always believed strongly in and iZooto has helped them in solving precisely that.

They have built audience segments basis geography and continue to send location-specific notifications. The readers are now receiving only relevant notifications, with news that interests them.

Inquirer has been using iZooto for a year now and continues to grow both its metrics, audience reach, and engagement.

They started building and growing an audience and currently have more than 1.8M active push notification subscribers. They also generated more than 3,569,943 notification clicks in the last 3 months.


Active web push notification subscribers 

Inquirer also monetizes the audience using iZooto's push notification ads and continues to see a lift in numbers there as well.


They were delighted with the idea of reaching out to users swiftly whenever they wanted to. Owning an audience was something they always wanted to do and with iZooto coming in the picture they couldn’t wait to get started with sending contextual notifications.


Engagement on an all-time high

Inquirer is now able to reach their audience at lightning speed and truly achieve real-time engagement.

  • Inquirer continuous to grow MoM and has gained 1.8M active subscribers in less than a year.
  • Increase in engagement - They generated more than 3,569,943 new sessions on-site in the last 3 months.
  • iZooto's web push notifications have surpassed traffic from Twitter and Google news.

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