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InsideNoVa has been using iZooto for a year now and has already seen mind-blowing results in terms of audience development, traffic and engagement. They continue to hit their engagement targets while they explore new features and capabilities iZooto has to offer.quote-1-1


The Flag Bearer Of Publishers In Northern Virginia was founded in 2003 and is owned by Rappahannock Media LLC, a multi-media company. is Northern Virginia's leading news website, covering hyper-local news from Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford, Culpeper, Fauquier, and Loudoun counties, covering topics such as sports, traffic, and weather. The website averages nearly 800,000 unique visitors a month and has over 90,000 Facebook followers and 80,000 email subscribers.


The Marketing Flywheel Needed Some Greasing

InsideNoVa gets tons of traffic from all directions, with both social media and email contributing to the biggest share. But when it came to keeping readers engaged throughout and retaining them, both mediums seemed to lack the pizzazz they were looking for.

Better late than never, they realized that they needed to change their strategy and diversify their sources to reach out to the readers and engage them effectively. They publish many stories in a day, but they figured out that more stories did not really translate to more engagement. They reckoned that they had to go all out there - to make sure that content discovery was easy and also to attract readers back to the website. InsideNoVa produces credible and timely content, and they wanted to see better engagement, rightly so.

The team at InsideNoVa had seen web push notifications being leveraged on other news websites and it intrigued them. Observing the fast rate of adoption, they realized that this channel is something that they needed to add to their marketing flywheel right away.




plus push notification subscribers 


plus page views generated in just 5 months of using iZooto


Build. Engage. Flourish.

InsideNoVa took the leap with iZooto's web push notifications with constant guidance from the iZooto team at every step. Kristi Sharma Associate Director Account Management, iZooto, walked the lean and enthusiastic team through the implementation, features, capabilities and devised a watertight strategy to achieve their engagement goals.


InsideNoVa started building a web push notification audience from the very first day and continued to engage them. They made sure that they do not bombard the readers with notifications, restricting the frequency and sending relevant notifications to the right people.


InsideNoVa gradually started monetizing its audience with iZooto's push notification ads, hence increasing the overall revenue.

Tapping Onto A New Channel

Seeing success with web push notifications, InsideNoVa has started leveraging iZooto's Messenger push notifications as well to engage readers on Facebook Messenger and is seeing promising results there as well.


With Messenger push notifications, InsideNoVa was able to reach out to and engage readers on iOS as well, which was a big advantage. Readers could also check their Facebook Messenger inbox to refer to notifications and revisit a particular story on their website. This helped them bring in readers who otherwise might have swiped off the notification. These are exciting times, and InsideNoVa looks forward to exceeding its engagement goals with iZooto.


Let Numbers Do The Talking

With iZooto they were able to reach out to readers on the go at the most marketable moment and bring them back to the website to consume content. They have received CTRs as high as 3.2%.

  • iZooto contributed more than 100K page views in just 5 months 
  • InsideNoVa has a web push notification subscriber base of 56,852 and continues to build on it
  • Web push notifications sent to receive an average of 500 and 1,000 clicks.

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