Audience Ownership - the Most Important Cornerstone For Media Businesses

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10 years ago, no newspaper would have thought that one day their daily copies would slowly lose their values. Did we while growing up ever imagine that instead of receiving a piece ever morning on our doorstep, we'll be receiving one ever morning in our inbox? A lot has changed and a lot yet remains to be changed. As for media publishers, one thing is for certain. They know their real asset is their audience and the importance to own it. 

Joining us for this episode of Own Thy Audience is Ben Ilfeld, Head of Product at the Venture Beat, on the 19th of June 2020 at 8:30 PM IST. Someone who has been in the digital publishing industry for a decade and now a publisher himself. He well understands audience engagement, retargeting and audience development.

The major discussion would revolve around these points:

  • How is advertising different - today vs then? 
  • What did audience development look like in 2010? And how different is it today? 
  • How difficult or easy was user acquisition back in 2010 vs today? 
  • Getting an existing user back does wonders for a website. They consume more, they engage more. More likely to spend and so on. How is this problem being tackled today?
  • Audience ownership vs building following on social platforms. How should media businesses balance this out? 
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Ben Ilfeld

Ben Ilfeld has been in the publisher industry for more than a decade now. He helps media businesses and brands leverage the power of content. 

Someone who has been on both the demand as well as supply side of the business, Ben is someone who for sure knows how this ship sails.

He has spoken at a lot of events like the World Camp Sacramento, Fund My Media, International Symposium of Online Journalism, UC Berkeley, etc.

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