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10 Web Push Notification Examples For E-commerce Websites

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10 Web Push Notification Examples For E-commerce Websites

Web push notifications is the new MUST have for marketing teams. Be it e-commerce, local news, every one is hopping on the bandwagon. Push notifications are now becoming an integral part of marketing stack, especially in E-commerce.

While your users are still getting used to receiving push notifications on their browser, extreme caution should be taken while pushing notifications. Notifications give marketers the power of interruption and it must be used responsibly. As you finalize your notification copy and creative, ask yourself three simple questions before you hit the send button -  

  1. Who will benefit the most from receiving this notification? In other words, Is the worth interrupting the user with this piece of information. 
  2. If yes, how crisp and simple is the content of the notification 
  3. If the answer to both the question is yes - question the time at which you are planning to send the notification. In other words, is this the best time to interrupt the select set of users with this highly relevant content? 

Send Mobile web Push Notifications to custom audiences

Sure, you want clicks! Everyone using web push notification on their commerce site does. But gone are the days when you could summon user attention. If someone shows interest in receiving notifications from you, you should in return respect their privacy and not bombard them with notifications every now and then at every possible chance you get. In short, what I mean to say is that - attention should be genuinely earned. In this post, we will be discussing simple strategies which will help you nudge your subscribers and trigger a buying action.

# 1 Actionable words

Yes, the most obvious one!

Using direct actionable words can easily increase your click rate by a factor of 2-3% (Disclaimer - in 99% of the cases). Words like ‘Click now’, ‘Click to Get Your Code’, ‘Click to Know More’, ‘Read more Here’ can highlight the action that you want your subscriber to take. 

Here is a video that we put together recently on what you should be doing to get your copy right.

Use Actionable Words to get people to take action on Mobile Web Push Notifications

# 2 Generating a Sense of Urgency

Is it a limited offer? Perhaps about to end in a few hours? Maybe the last few pieces left in stock? You can use these well defined situations in an e-commerce conversion funnel and capture the urgency of the moment. 

  1. In Stock Status 
  2. Life of Current Price ( aka Dynamic Pricing ) 
  3. Delivery Times as per your user's location 

Words like Hurry, Limited Period Offer, can establish a sense of panicky urgency in the minds of the subscribers, making them take action now instead of just ignoring and taking action later. 

Create a sense of urgency to get people to take action on Mobile Web Push Notifications

# 3 Best Foot Forward

The highlight of your notification – Your Notification Title. Lead with an amazing Title, something irresistible which will arise curiosity in the reader’s mind, getting them to click and see what’s there on the other side of the notification.

Lead with an amazing title to get people to take action on Mobile Web Push Notifications

# 4 Making it all about the benefits

Your notification should showcase to your user what they will gain and what they might be missing on if they do not take any action.

Showcase to your user what they might be missing on if they do not take any action on Mobile Web Push Notifications

# 5 Address the User. Make it about them and not you or your product

Remember the Vodafone campaign - Power To You. Address your end user from the word get go and you will be able to strike a chord with your end user.

Engage and Address the user directly to get them to take action on mobile web push notifications

# 6 Getting the timing right

It’s like an unsaid rule not to bother people at the wrong time. Sending notification at the wrong time will not only rule out the chances of you getting that click, it will also make the user unsubscribe. So think wisely before hitting that ‘Push’ button.

Send Notifications at the Right Time to get users to click on mobile web push notificationsSend Notifications at the Right Time to get users to click on mobile web push notifications

Send mobile web push Notifications according to your subscriber's local timezone

# 7 Use your Logo and Leverage Your Brand Recall

'A picture is worth a thousand words'. As much as your notification title and message should be eye catchy, adding a bright icon related to your notification content will simply just increase your chance at getting that click.

For many, using different icons for every notification might not be possible. At that point it’s always advisable to use your logo than use nothing at all. The idea behind this is - A logo is to a business as your face is to you. It is how your brand is recognised. Your logo allows your subscribers to identify and connect with your notification.

Using Logos can connect users with the brand and get them to take action on mobile web push

# 8 Use Emojis’. Yes, they work. Almost always.

Yes, Web Push Notifications support emoji’s. Here’s a thing about Emoji’s - users love them. They trigger a very soft emotion, bringing the user one step closer towards interacting with you.

Use Emojis’ to get users to take action on your mobile web push

# 9 The Power of Choice

Who doesn’t love options?

Allowing your subscriber to choose between 2 options will let them think that they are in control. If someone isn’t interested in Option 1, they might go for Option 2. Either ways, you are bound to get your click.

Giving users options with this mobile web push template

# 10 Being Relevant

Let’s take an example here to make this more clear: While travelling back home from work, I receive a notification about ‘60% off on Men’s Shoes’. Do you think I would be interested in that offer? Chances are highly unlikely. However, if I receive a notification about the same ‘60% off on Heels’ , the situation would be pretty different.

How e-commerce can leverage mobile web pushRelevant mobile web push templates for e-commerce

Segment your users with Audience Builder for more personalized mobile web push

These are just a few examples of some 'clickable' notifications we’ve seen from our clients.

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