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Built for Digital Publishers

Digital Publishers rely on iZooto to engage their audience using targeted and personalized web push notifications. Drive traffic, engagement and conversions.

Boost Your Revenues with iZooto

Boost Your Revenues

Retarget your audience with web push notifications and increase your traffic and conversions. Grow your revenue by up to 17%.

Speed Up Conversions with iZooto

Speed Up Conversions

Engage your users with personalized push notifications to drive conversions and improve ROI across acquisition channels.

Drive Lifetime Value with Push Notifications

Drive Lifetime Value

Retain your loyal buyers with targeted push notifications. Create repeat buyers and loyal customers.

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Own Your Audience

Convert anonymous visitors on your website into an audience with iZooto's web push notifications. Own your audience and set up a direct communication channel with them. iZooto integrates with your favourite content management systems which means that you can be up and running in minutes.

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Personalized Messaging at Scale

Each user is different. With iZooto, you get to build a direct relationship with every user by sending them personalized push notifications. Craft experiences that convert users into customers.

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Automation For Lean Teams  

Automated, triggered push notifications for recovering abandoned carts are built directly into iZooto. Simply activate them, sit back, and watch your sales soar.

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Perfecting Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is part science and part art. Let our push notification Playbooks automatically convert your users into customers. Get started with your drip notification campaigns with our ready to use notification templates. Playbooks help you win every potential user, however complex their journey is.

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Recover Abandoned Carts

Automatically trigger a push notification when your users abandon their shopping cart and start recovering your sales.

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Convert Window Shoppers

Users abandon browsing and drop off all the time. Get them back with dynamic product notifications tailored to their interest.

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Win Back Dormant Users

Pull back your dormant users with targeted notifications and offers. Spark their interest and get them back to your website.

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Build Customer Loyalty

Engage your customers with targeted products, offers and drive repeat transactions.

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