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A Flywheel Funnel Approach For Publishers to  Retain Their Audience

The Funnel Approach doesn't work in world of Digital Media. Each type of reader needs a different engagement and monetization approach. iZooto's Audience Flywheel approach puts reader experience at the forefront, giving editors the tools to drive engagement and build a loyal audience.



One Stop Solution To Put The Audience Flywheel In Motion

Assisting you in every stage of the audience flywheel

Web Push Notifications

iZooto converts your fly by visitors - from all channels - Google News, Facebook, Discover, into push notification subscribers and engage audience using web push notifications. 

Reach and engage users across all OS and devices using web push notifications.

Value and benefits

  • Convert your visitors  into subscribers
  • Grow pageviews and revenue by up to 15%
  • Plug RSS and put content distribution on autopilot
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Messenger Push Notifications

iZooto helps you bypass the Facebook feed and communicate directly with your Facebook followers. Convert your Facebook followers into subscribers and engage right inside their Messenger inbox. 

Value and benefits

  • Drive CTRs upto 15%
  • Build your audience data with powerful workflows
  • Plug your RSS Feed and Automate Engagement
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App Push Notifications

Engage your loyal mobile users with personalized notifications and bring them back to your app. Break news, score updates and more with Mobile app notifications.

Value and benefits

  • Lightening fast delivery to be the first one to break news
  • News Templates to help you stand out
  • Power Delivery for 30% better reach across Android OEMs
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News Hub

A robust notification center that helps users find stories curated by editors and more. Help users set interests, preferences and increase content discovery and engagement.

Value and benefits

  • Drives visibility and engagement to your most popular stories
  • Editorial corner for users to discover targeted stories
  • Powerful way of monetizing audience with native and display ads
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On-Site Interactions

Publishers spend a lot of time and resources to feature in Google News, Google Discover and even Facebook. Unfortunately, most are fly-by visitors. The pageview contribution is abysmal. Not Anymore. 

Value and benefits

  • Convert flyby visitors into engaged readers.
  • Drive Content discovery
  • Get more than one page view per session
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Email Newsletter

Convert repeat visitors in to engaged users with email newsletters. Get access to multiple templates, and even integrate it with your exiting provider. Drive more website sessions and unlock revenue potential.

Value and benefits

  • One tap Google optin
  • Set on auto pilot and engage users
  • Monetize with personalized branded ads
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250 Billion Notifications Sent Every Month
By Over 15K Publishers

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How InsideNoVa Aced Audience Development And Generates 100K Page Views With iZooto. Every Month.

InsideNoVa, Northern Virginia's leading news website had tons of traffic coming in, with social media and email taking the bigger share of the pie. But traffic did not translate to the engagement. With iZooto they hit their engagement metrics and successfully retain their audience. InsideNoVa also monetizes its audience via iZooto's push notification ads.

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iZooto Is The Only Marketing Automation Platform, Built Exclusively For Publishers



Built For Everyone But Not Specifically Anyone

Generic push notification platforms sell to all categories but not specifically to publishers. Inevitable that they don't build or design for publishers. They just "sell" to publishers.

Publishers are forced to buy Enterprise plans to use select features

Not built to support the scale and speed at which media businesses operate

No alignment with publishers - Neither Audience Engagement nor Monetization





Platform Built For Publishers 

iZooto is designed and built for editors and audience managers. The objective is simple - reduce publishers' dependency on Facebook and Google.

Features built for editors and audience managers to help them drive audience loyalty

Publishers rely on iZooto's lightning-fast notification delivery to break news

Flexible Pricing helps Publishers do both engagements as well as audience Monetization.


"iZooto's Exit Intent Recommendations is easy to install and customize, and encourages our site’s visitors to read more of our content. I would highly recommend this to publishers looking to improve their website engagement and revenue"

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The iZooto Advantage


Quick integrations

Setup iZooto in a jiffy with our ready integrations. Many of our products have zero developer intervention making it easy and smooth to get started. 

Value for Time & Money

There is a reason when we are priced slightly higher than others. Our artillery is packed with features, so you spend less time in doing & more in reaping benefits. 

Audience Monetization

Boost revenue by not only running native ads on our products, but also with reader revenue. iZooto makes it possible for you to earn incremental revenue from day one.

How Smart Parenting Built A Loyal User Base With Messenger Push Notifications 

Smart Parenting, part of the Summit media group, is a  popular website for millennial parents. While the website sessions were really good, they wanted to build a loyal audience base. iZooto helped Smart Parenting step up its marketing game by retaining readers and building loyal ardent fans. Here are few interesting results they saw-

  • 8X times returning users  as compared to organic traffic
  • 2M+ page views generated from iZooto in just 4 months
  • 9.7% of traffic is generated through iZooto, helping drive 15% of pageviews

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