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This Is How Bloggers Are Leveraging Web Push Notifications

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This Is How Bloggers Are Leveraging Web Push Notifications

Understanding how bloggers can start using push notifications and engage their web users.

Web Push Notifications have emerged as the preferred tool for bloggers for user engagement. Some of the existing tools that bloggers use frequently to communicate with their existing users include - email newsletter, RSS feed subscription apart from social media platforms. Web/ Browser push notifications offer a fresh solution for bloggers to not only build a loyal subscriber base but also communicate swiftly. Here are some reasons why push notifications are better or preferred, over email newsletter for user communication:

  1. Building Subscriber Base: Building a loyal subscriber base is critical factor for driving user engagement. With web push notifications, you can build your reader base, 30 times faster as compared to email newsletters.
  2. Opt-in Rates: With iZooto's One Click Opt-in solution, you can convert 20% of your web traffic ( desktop and mobile ) into subscribers and maximize.
  3. Engagement and Response: Given the fact that these notifications surface up right on your screen, web push notifications attract click through rates - upwards of 5% ranging upto 20%. These click through rates are unheard off in case of email newsletter.
  4. Easy to Build and Execute: As compared to email newsletter, notification are easier when it comes to execution. You can define your title, description and landing page URL and you are set.

We at iZooto currently cater to over 50+ bloggers who daily engage with their users by pushing them notification about their latest posts. Curious to know more? Get started now. Read more about things to keep in mind before you push your first notification.

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Shrikant Kale
Shrikant Kale
Shrikant R Kale, our very own SRK, is the Product Head at iZooto. An IIM-C product, he is looked up to for his dedication and calm demeanor. This passionate bike-lover can be easily spotted in our office 24*7 (almost!). Follow him on twitter: @shrikantkale

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