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How To Trigger Emotions Using Web Push Notifications

Last updated on Mar 29, 2024

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How To Trigger Emotions Using Web Push Notifications

Emotions are hard to control, and they mostly result in spontaneous decisions. Marketers have induced emotions in their campaigns to leverage exactly this. In this article, we will show how emotions have the power to turn the tables. We will then dive into how web push notifications can help you turn emotions into your click weapon.

Some sell by showcasing the features of the product, some sell by displaying the value, and then there are some that sell through emotions.

Let’s look at Coca-Cola for instance. It has been playing the emotional card and highjacking hearts for quite some years now. The consumers have become so connected and loyal towards their brand, that it could make their dog feel ashamed.


Look at their slogans for instance, ‘Open Happiness’ and ‘Taste the Feeling’, all of them spill emotions. Initially, coke just sold 25 bottles the first year! From portraying itself as a cool drink, it has evolved into a bottle of happiness. Coca-Cola has been impressing users by letting users personalize, showering them with love and care, and giving them memories they can’t part with.

Here are a few examples of campaigns that made users love them to bits – Share A Coke, Share a Feeling campaignHug me campaignCoke happiness truck campaign Small World machine campaigns. Their campaigns are packed with emotions, and just like that, consumers start rooting for them.

Why emotions rule the game

The toothpaste that you have been using from the day you can remember, is there a reason to why you are still using it? I didn’t think so. We use so many things in our daily life just because our parents have been using it, probably even your grandparents have been using it. It’s been passed over from generations just like your grandmother’s ring.

Sometimes it so happens that you see a very innovative display ad, or you might have participated in some exciting activity that gave you some super cool gifts. Or maybe a brand supports a cause that you care. All of these reasons could be an explanation as to why you choose a particular product every single time.

Once you have the users emotionally involved, they convert without giving a second thought and most likely become your customer forever. It is all about striking the right emotion at the right time.

Web push notifications as a marketing tool to trigger the right emotion

push notification subscription prompt

They say first impressions are formed in less than a second. How do you grab the user’s attention and also get them emotionally involved in such short span of time? Well, web push notifications do exactly that.

Web push notifications are bite-sized clickable updates that are sent to users on desktop and mobile even when they are not on your website. They help you engage and re-target users, and drive conversions. It leverages geographical targeting and allows you to send real-time notifications or schedule them according to different time zones.

Segment users to hit the right buttons

push notification segmentation

To trigger the right emotion, you need to know who will react to what. To do this, you need to know your users like the back of your hand. Segment users based on behavior, interests, and activities and then send them relevant notifications. This helps you craft personalized notifications and make sure that you don’t spam them.

Once you segment the users, you can automate your notifications to save time, effort and avoid last minute glitches. You can set drip notifications, to engage users and encourage them to convert. These series of notifications increases the chances of users recalling your brand better. You can have a look at sample drip campaign template here.

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Anatomy of a notification

It is not enough to tell users how to feel. Show them! A notification has everything in it to grab eyeballs and evoke emotions. Write a catchy title with emoticons, compliment it with a tempting message luring users to know more, add playful CTA buttons encouraging users to click on it and a banner image that amplifies the emotion you want to convey.

Trigger emotions using push notifications

Appreciate them and make them feel wanted

push notification template

Build an emotional connection from day zero with welcome notifications. Show them how much their subscription means to you. Slide in an offer to show them you are not just welcoming them this for the sake of it. Offers make users happy. It’s a fact. This kind of notifications create the best first impression and encourages them to convert.

Making users anxious by blending discount and urgency

push notification template

Having a sale? Awesome. Telling the users they need to hurry to avail the offer, priceless. Nothing lasts forever. You need to tell the users exactly that, to accelerate conversions. These notifications compel the users to click on the notification right away so that they do not miss out on the deal. You can also tell how many pieces are up for sale, to maximize the effect.

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Build a sense of belonging by giving out exclusive offers

push notification template

Loyal customers need to be treated differently. After all, they have devoted their time and money on you repeatedly. Show them some appreciation, give out special offers only they get to avail. These offers encourage users to purchase more and be forever loyal to you. And for all you know, these perks will encourage other users to join the club as well ????

Sense of achievement

trigger emotions using push notifications

Make the users feel proud of themselves. Let them know that they have achieved something and let them live that feeling. Give them vouchers, reward points, gift cards to make them realize that their achievement is a big one. Users get options where they can shop for free, what more could they ask for!

Building curiosity

Push notification template

Build suspense by giving only bits of the information. This will make the users curious and the thirst to know more will make them click on the notification. Encouraging them to unwrap the mystery so that they can know all about the offer you are giving out. Allure them with your copy and make it irresistible for them. Back it up it a deadline to make it work like a charm.

Instill fear

Push notification template

Remind them that they have an item in their cart and that there are only a few pieces left. It sometimes slips out of the user’s mind they have abandoned their cart. Touch upon what will happen if users do not make a purchase right away. The limited stock or an up on sale announcement creates a sense of fear that they might lose it forever. This will give them the required push to convert.

Boost self-esteem

trigger emotions using push notifications

Make them feel like an expert by using the ‘Who knows it better than you’ approach. Boost their confidence and let them know they have it in them to make the best of decisions when it comes to shopping. Show them the faith you have in them and motivate them to buy. Sometimes all they need is someone to appreciate them to boost their morale.

Surprise them with your care

Push notification template

Pamper them by sending them reminders and alerts when they need it the most. Assure them that they can depend on you to keep them up to date. This makes them care-free and helps them concentrate on other things that matter and leave the rest to you. Once they know you have their back, they will gradually become your loyal customer. After all, who doesn’t like to be spoilt?

Trigger the right emotions using push notifications without breaking a sweat. Go ahead and try it out. Let us know how you spur emotions using push notifications in the comments below.


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