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Create powerful notifications, engage your audience on the go and, encourage revisits like it is nobody's business. 


Take charge of your audience

Convert your website visitors into subscribers, grow your audience like never before. Reach out to them whenever and where ever you want to, in real-time with powerful triggers. Engage, encourage them to revisit your website, and create a loyal subscriber base. Don't let others run over your audience. It time you take charge. Take control and be your own boss.

Create a delightful subscription experience

Choose from a wide range of custom prompts for both desktop and mobile and starting building your audience with prompts that resonate with the brand.



Show Prompt On Scroll

Show the permission prompt once the users have scrolled past a threshold. 


After Particular Time Spent

Show the permission prompt only when a reader has spent a certain time on a page.


On Button Click

Show permission prompt only when users click on a button. 

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Create attractive notifications and bring them back to your website


Use CTAs

Add a CTA to each notification and drive the user to a specific landing page


Add Icons

The brand logo can be used for the user to know the notification is from you.


Subscription Templates

Choose from different web push subscription prompts. Customize it according to your brand and start building an audience. 



Add Banner Image

Use powerful visuals to attract user attention and boost CTRs



Build brand recall by customizing the badge according to your brand. 


Add Emojis

Make use of emojis to evoke the desired emotion and communicate the message better. 

Segment intelligently.
Target specifically.

Send contextual and personalized notifications to your subscribers related to their activity and
behavior on the website or their interests to engage better.

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User Attributes

Capture specific attributes about the user such as language preference, device, country, website page from which the user subscribed, the age group, gender, and more.


User behavior

Capture a subscriber's interests, the categories of the pages they visit, keep tabs on genre articles read, the videos they watch, and more, to strike the right chord.



Push out notifications to users keeping their timezone in mind. Tap the right marketable moment, reach out to them at the right time, and engage better.

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Personalize It To The T

Create tailored notifications to catch your users attention, and bring them back to your site. Leverage
both automation and personalization at scale for your marketing with iZooto.



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Put Everything On Auto-Pilot

Set it up once and let us take care of the rest. Now you have more time to dedicate to
other important tasks at hand. 




Recurring Notifications

Set up a campaign that you want to push out, for a later time on a recurring basis. The notifications will be repeatedly sent according to the triggers you have set. 


Schedule Notifications

Schedule a notification in advance for any event you have on a particular date or multiple dates. You can also set-up a continuous cycle of notifications as well.

RSS To Web Push Notifications 

Send automated notifications to your subscribers whenever there is a new update to the RSS feed.

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Show Latest

More is now less. You can now send as many notifications as you want to keep users updated without hampering the user experience. With 'Show Latest', update users with the latest information and replace the stale notification. 

Show Latest Re


Get more clicks

Increase your CTRs and get fewer swipes. Be the brand that informs and not bombards the users with numerous notifications stacked in the notification tray. Show user only the latest news and encourages users to read the content.


Provide better UX 

Provide users with a tidier notification tray, making it easier for them to read and interact with it. You want users to click not the notification, not ignore them. Cleaner notification tray. Amazing user experience. 

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Playbooks To Engage Users In A Snap

A Playbook is a series of automated notifications to help you engage, retain and bring your audience back to your
website even while you are sipping Long Island Ice Tea on a vacation.


Recover Abandoned Tabs



Every time a user drops off from your website and start browsing another website, notify them about their
incomplete read and bring them back, without burning your $$s on remarketing ads! Recover abandoned tabs real quick. 




Recover Abandoned Videos

Recover your lost views with the new in less than 20 minutes! Send a reminder to bring viewers back users who did not watch a video to completion and recover abandoned videos in a jiffy. 


Welcome Your Subscribers

Engage your audience from day zero. Create a series of notifications that would be sent to them over a few days once they subscribe. Delight them and bring them back to your website with Welcome Notifications.


Retarget Product Viewers

Engage with your users who have viewed your products and drive them back to your store and encourage them to make a purchase. Retarget product viewers by sending them a personalized notification.

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Analyze And Optimize To Engage Better



Campaign Performance Report

Track your notification campaigns and review clicks, impressions, and optimize your future campaigns.

Subscription Acquisition and Churn Report

Keep track of the number of users that subscribe and churn. This helps analyze what opt-ins or campaigns have worked for you and what haven't.


15,000+ Happy Publisher Brands, Including

  • News Corp
  • Network18
  • MalayMail
  • Conde Nast
  • Tencent
  • Bloomberg Quint

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