Automated Push Notifications

Put your user engagement and retargeting campaigns on Autopilot with iZooto. Focus on optimization while we ensure that your push notifications are delivered on time.

Automate Push Notifications with iZooto

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Capture Users with Triggered Push Notifications

Every user is unique and one size fits all communication strategy doesn’t work anymore. Use push notifications to communicate 1 on 1 with your users. Capture your users in their marketing moment with the right triggers and the perfect message. From abandoned carts to new stock alerts - every notification is sent at the right time.

Capture Users with Triggered Push Notifications
Plan and Schedule your Push Notifications

Plan, Schedule and Maximize

Marketing calendars are planned in advance and there is no reason why you should not get your push notifications delivery schedule on a calendar. Set up the schedule for your push notifications in advance and save time.

TimeZone Based Delivery

Got users across the world accessing your product? Use Smart timezone delivery to ensure that users get notifications as per their local timezone. No more notifications delivered at 1AM.

Deliver Notifications as per Users' Timezones
Activate Dormant Users with Push Notifications

Activate Your Dormant Users

You have already invested time, effort and, money to get traffic on your website but some of those users are not active.

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Retargeting Using Push Notifications

Retargeting Using Push Notifications

Still using Display ads for retargeting users? Switch to browser notifications for retargeting and drive conversions.

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