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30 Must Have Website Engagement Tools in 2024

Last updated on Apr 12, 2024

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30 Must Have Website Engagement Tools in 2024

In today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape, you’re probably going into overdrive to win user attention. All of your efforts likely have one goal: getting users to visit your website. Audience engagement plays a vital role in today's era. 

But the struggle doesn’t end there: Once they land, the few instances you have to capture their attention are paramount. So, will you successfully engage and convert them, or will you let them slip away forever?

A website isn’t serving its purpose if it fails to successfully engage its visitors. You want your users to interact, leave comments, fill in forms, and click all of the call-to-action (CTA) buttons. The more engaged they are, the more seamlessly they enjoy your content, and the more likely they are to become loyal and convert. 

Today, 75% of consumers expect a consistent user experience wherever they engage, be it on a website, social media, mobile, or in person. That is why you should carefully choose unique tools to help you build a highly engaging website – one that forms your axis, guiding the user experience throughout the whole journey. 

Table of Content

  1. Insights into Marketing and Beyond (User Analytics)
  2. Survey and Feedback Tools
  3. The Art of the Chat
  4. Email Marketing and Push Notifications
  5. Extra Goodies for your Site
  6. Your Social Media Arsenal

To make things simpler, we’ve created a roundup of 30 most useful website engagement tools to try out – so let’s take a look!

Insights into Marketing and Beyond (User Analytics)

Chances are you’ve heard this a thousand times, but data really is power. That’s why to successfully engage your users, you need to gather quality data, and use this intelligence to craft multichannel and personalized strategies (Bonus: Check out these 25 website personalization tools that might be a fit for you)

Implementing powerful analytics tools should be your first priority. These can translate raw user behavior into actual insights you can work with, and generate reports that help you optimize your approach as you progress.

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is probably the best-known freemium analytics tool out there. This comprehensive platform is the place to get started, letting you delve into the most relevant metrics, including average time on page, session duration, or new users.

  • Heap: If you’re looking to do as much as possible without getting drowned in coding, you might want to check out Heap. This easy-to-use analytics tool allows you to automatically capture and measure every user action, including taps, swipes, page views, form submissions, clicks, and much more.

  • id="point3" class="anchor-jump" VWO: VWO is another user-friendly tool that specializes in A/B testing solutions. It incorporates many handy functionalities including visitor surveying, multivariate testing, or heatmaps. All this can be overviewed through solid and readily available reports, making the tool the perfect aide to constant optimization.

  • Optimizely: Optimizely offers important A/B testing and other conversion optimization features. It’s focused mainly on web experimentation and personalization, and allows for multiple experiments on the same page, ensuring that you get the most out of your efforts.

  • Hotjar: Hotjar is a session replay software. This means that it tracks visitor movements and lets you play them back along with heat maps and detailed reports – something extremely valuable for content optimization!

  • Klout: Klout is the perfect tool to streamline your content marketing. It constantly monitors your users, identifies content they will be interested in and allows you to share that content with them easily.

  • Contentful: If you have been curious about what giants like Nike or Spotify use to better manage their content, the answer is Contentful. This tool enables developers and marketers to work simultaneously, resulting in more transparent and faster digital product launches. 

Survey and Feedback Tools

Whenever you request information, you create a powerful touchpoint with your audience that requires a lot of trust. Trust us, you don’t want to ruin the user experience and jeopardize them giving out any data altogether. 

Surveys and feedback forms are utilized for various reasons, including understanding your brand from a 360-degree view. But know that users are more likely to open a survey if it’s integrated into the channels they have already engaged with you. 

  • Typeform: Typeform is one of the most popular survey builders out there. With professional-looking and conversational forms, you can effortlessly tailor your surveys to get exactly the information you need and extract the data with a simple click.

  • Survey Monkey: When it comes to SurveyMonkey, some of its main pros include the ease to brand and personalize, question suggestion, and the possibility for replication, making it a great timesaver for similar or follow-up surveys.

  • Google Forms: The notorious tech giant has an arsenal of tools, and a powerful form-builder isn’t missing. Google Forms is free to use, offers a variety of functionalities, and synchronizes with GoogleDrive so that all the data is created and kept within your other Google format docs.

  • Survicate: Survicate operates powerful website widgets, allowing you to set up short surveys and gather the feedback you need – be it about your product, services, or website.

  • Yotpo: Yotpo is a frontrunner when it comes to turning to your audience to collect reviews. With real-time notifications, automated email selection, and the option to share the review on your site, it’s a great choice to consider.

  • WebEngage: WebEngage is an interesting alternative to A/B testing your website features. It provides a plethora of feedback formats, giving you a way to gather more insights into the ways to improve your user engagement. 

The Art of the Chat

One of the most direct forms of engaging your users is through direct communication. Not only does it form a basis of solid customer service, but without the ability to maintain a constant conversation, provide relevant information, and answer any queries, the relationship will get stuck at a dead end. 

Different live chat options, chatbots, or in-app chatting are no longer merely cool features to test out – they are a necessity. After all, 79% of businesses said that implementing live chat resulted in increased customer loyalty, sales, and revenue. The option you choose should reflect your necessities, whether that’s mobile support, 24/7 support tool, or capable automation.

  • Zendesk: Zendesk is a popular live chat messaging tool with a knowledge database and powerful customization capabilities. With the self-help customer service tool, it adds yet another layer of effectiveness, allowing your users to be self-sufficient. 

  • LiveChat: Out of all the in-app chat setups on the market, LiveChat is a strong option. It enables 24/7 chat coverage and is a great aide to help you prevent losing your users to lack of guidance or unresolved issues.

  • Drift: If you’re looking to automate your chat, Drift offers a simple chatbot builder. With easy setup, you can immediately leverage conversational marketing to drive and qualify your digital inbound traffic.

  • ProProfs Chat: ProProfs Chat is a powerful live chat software that helps you capture more leads and analyze the browsing habits and activities of customers in real-time. Added to that, it allows you to provide instant support from any device, just by logging into its dashboard.

  • Needle: Needle is a customer service tool that connects users with relevant experts. This way, they can receive more accurate advice: Instead of connecting with customer service reps, they get in touch with brand ambassadors who are way more familiar with the products or services.

Email Marketing and Push Notifications

When we look at digital engagement, we are still only seeing the top of the iceberg. However, as both email marketing and push notifications are forecasted to experience exponential growth, it’s likely that companies will be advancing to use these strategies to their full potential. 

After all, capturing and engaging your leads needs to be done well. Personalized efforts are key, so make sure to leverage the following tools to tailor customized emails and targeted push notifications.

  • Hubspot: Pretty much everyone has heard of Hubspot. With powerful capacities for segmentation, analytics, and email tracking, this is a lead generation and conversion tool you should definitely try out.

  • Mailchimp: In the world of digital engagement, Mailchimp is another big name to mention. This personalized marketing platform is known for its detailed analytics and reports features, allowing you to dive deep into your email strategy.

  • Klaviyo: Alternatively, Klaviyo is also a great email marketing tool with segmentation functionalities. With easy integrations with eCommerce platforms, it’s extremely popular among online vendors.

  • SendGrid: If you feel like your emails never reach your audience, ending up in the spam box, try out a feature like SendGrid. With a focus on deliverability, it monitors and fights email throttling and other common problems.

  • iZooto: Looking to grow your audience with push notifications? iZooto guides you toward user conversion at a reduced customer acquisition cost. With powerful segmentation and optimal timing options, the platform helps you to build a solid communication bridge to your audience. 

  • Mailmodo: is a email marketing tool that helps users create app-like experiences in email without coding. Mailmodo helps users build and scale their email automation engine with an intuitive visual builder that has a drag-and-drop workflows to automate time-based drip series.

Extra Goodies for your Site

We’ve already covered website optimization… However, there are other evergreen engagement tools that you can directly incorporate to enhance user engagement and improve their experience significantly. 

  • HelloBar: Hello Bar is a simple, non-intrusive way to increase conversions. By creating a separate, non-scrolling bar at the top of your pages, you can bring more attention to a certain CTA – whether that’s social media sharing or the subscription button.

  • Optinmonster: Optinmonster is a solution for website pop-ups. Pop-ups are a great way to drive lead generation, so play around A/B tests for the opt-in forms and create a smart and cost-efficient way to engage your users.

  • Unbounce: Unbounce is a web-based application that helps you create individual landing pages – without the need for coding knowledge. These can be used to help increase success with your email, content, and event-based marketing. 

  • OneAll: You may need to authenticate users before giving them access to certain features on your website. But whether managing buyers or subscribers, requiring them to login with their username and password isn’t that convenient anymore. That’s why OneAll provides a much easier way to authenticate users: All they need to do is log in to their Facebook or Twitter account.

Your Social Media Arsenal

Social media is intrinsically linked to everything that’s going on on your website. That’s why having powerful tools that give you an overview of what’s happening out there can help you identify both new leads and content opportunities.

  • Sprout Social: When looking to boost your social capabilities, Sprout Social lets you share the same message across multiple social media channels. You can also use it to monitor user statements, reply to their messages in real-time, and set up automatic responses.

  • Mention: Mention is a powerful social media monitoring tool. With its ability to track all mentions of your brand name across the internet in over 40 languages, it keeps a close eye on your social engagement.

  • Sprinklr: Sprinklr observes everything that your customers are saying on messaging channels, forums, blogs, review sites, and social media platforms, and then generates actionable insights to power your strategy.

Boosting user engagement on your website isn’t something that happens overnight, it requires a willingness to experiment and substantial patience. So, consider it your digital marathon – one that’s worth it and will make you stronger than you’ve ever been before.

If you want to know more about user engagement tools or learn more about our unique solution, just ping us on chat!


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