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How User Segmentation Can Help You Personalize Better

Last updated on Aug 20, 2022

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How User Segmentation Can Help You Personalize Better

You need users to visit your website, to engage and finally to make a transaction. What if I tell you that the users will need you more; rather than the other way round? Surprised? Don't be. 54% users are actively shopping online, especially with millennials driving the shift. 40% of these made more than 7 transactions and more after segmentation!

There is enough traffic on the web, the challenge here lies in attracting them and providing them with an unforgettable user experience that they depend on you to fulfill their needs.

66% of marketers stated that targeting & website personalization were top benefits of marketing automation. Personalized calls-to-actions give a 42% higher conversion rate than CTA’s that are the same for all visitors. 94% of companies acclaimed that personalization was the driving force for every industry to attain success, but 72% have no clue how to implement it in their marketing campaigns.

To personalize, first and foremost you need to know your target audience. Segregate your target audience from rest of the crowd. The next step is to segment within your audience itself. Not everyone is same, not everyone makes the same choices so, it doesn't make sense to take the ‘same size fits all’ approach.

How do you make your website talk?

Effective communication is required to reach out to the users and create a bond with them. The more opportunities you provide for a touchpoint, the users will engage better , build more trust and end up relying on you over others. Website push notifications are one of the best ways to keep constant touch with your users. They  deliver a good user experience; they don't cram space, provide all the necessary information on time and perform seamlessly on desktop and mobile. Thinking how web push will help you in segmenting and personalizing your communication? We have got that sorted for you.

Don't kill your users by shooting out mass notifications

Still sending out every single notification to all your users? And you wonder why you have high unsubscription and low click through rates! 74% of online consumers get annoyed with content that has nothing to do with their interests. That’s one way to losing your customers in one go!

How can you intelligently segment users and customize them?

To start with, maintain a structured user-data somewhere. iZooto's new feature, ‘User Profiling’ takes care of the rest for you. With this amazing new feature called ‘User Profiling’ , It has become easier to segment your users and send hyper relevant notifications.

How exactly will this benefit your business?

Need to increase loyal users, Reduce drop off rates, increase lead generation, nullify customer acquisition cost, skyrocket CTRs, and boost sales? We have a solution to improve your key metrics.  Let’s have a look at some industry-wise use cases to give a better idea of how you can boost your metrics by segmenting your users and personalizing your communication.


There are numerous ecommerce websites today, users can easily switch from one website to other. The only thing that sets you apart is how you treat them. Who doesn’t like to be pampered! For this, you need to know your users inside out and send them to the point notifications. Let’s see some instances where you can send notifications according to user profiles.

segmentation - ecommerce notification

E-coms typically allow customers to create their wishlist on the platform. Adding products to wishlist indicates a strong purchase intent, and provides an opportunity to convert sales in fewer interactions. Imagine you are able to send notification to all the users with a discount coupon on the products in their wishlist, encouraging them to go ahead and make the purchase. Sounds exciting right? Let’s say a user has a smartphone and a power-bank in their wishlist, you can chip in with a discount coupon of 10% on the combined purchase. Similarly, you can track users who have purchased a product and solely target them. It provides you with you an opportunity to easily cross-sell.

You can have a look at the table below to get a better idea of the kinds of properties you can create.




Has Email ID/ Subscribed Yes / No
Payment Mode COD
Credit Card
Debit Card
Has Cart value >or<
No of products bought Number
Products not checked out top, skirt
Has added coupon Yes / No
Delivery method Prime
Has added coupon code Code
Wish List Yes/ No
Number of products
Users shared on social FB
Review Submitted Yes/ No
Good, Bad
Brand Selection Gucci
Has signed up Yes/ No
Has logged in Yes/ No
Viewed Sale page Yes/ No
Products interested in Suit
Product purchased till date Number
Chat Support Yes/ No
Gift wrap Yes/ No

This makes sure then the notifications are relevant to the users. See the kinds of notification e commerce website can push to double user engagement and re-target users.

Publisher User Segmentation

Publishers find it difficult to re-engage users and generate traffic to the website. Lack of personalization reflects in your sites performance. Publishers need to give a human touch to their web push. Lets see how publishers can target the right people with the right information.

Let’s say you have to send out your new article on ‘5 superfoods you need to eat after you exercise’. This would be an valuable article especially to the users who have downloaded your video on ‘Exercises that you need to do to keep yourself fit’. You need to exclusively target these users to get a better response.

segmentation - cricket notification

You could send out cricket updates to users who have been visiting your cricket page and who interacted on that particular page. It doesn't make sense to send out cricket updates to a person who is not into cricket.

User segmentation is necessary to bucket users according to likes, demographics, users who have commented on your blog/ video, etc to target better. The table below shows a few pointers you can segment your users on.

User Property


Topics interested in Lifestyle, Politics etc
Social sharing FB, Twitter
Video played/ viewed Yes/ No
Demographic Age
Has logged in Yes/ No
Has commented Yes/ No

See the types of notifications you can send to generate more views and clicks.


The travel industries can skyrocket their user engagement and provide better UX by personalizing their web push. Appropriate updates can be sent to users who are interested in travelling to a specific place, or who have booked a hotel, or who have opted for travel insurance etc.

Imagine that you have special deals to offer users who are travelling to Dubai the next month. For this you can segment the users who have booked a flight to Dubai and send them exclusive notification, without annoying the users who are travelling to other places.

segmentation - travel notification

What is the point of sending notification on the new upgrades of Jet Airways to loyal users of Air India? Here is where user segmentation comes in. You can segment users according to the flights they often fly and send them relevant notifications; this will invoke a better interaction. The table below will show you some of the properties for user segmentation.




Coupon Used Code
Demographic Age, Gender, Language
Subscribed Yes/ No
Currency INR, $
Category flights/hotels/combo
Flight Type domestic/international
Countries searched for India, Sri Lanka
Deals used Flat 50, Buy1 get 1
Airlines Vistara, AirIndia
Price range Below 10K
Hotel type 3*, 5*
Star rating 2*
Trip Type Round Trip/ Single Trip
Travel Insurance Yes/ No

Have a look at the kinds of notifications travel industries can send to receive better CTR’s.


Business in banking and financial sector are rapidly evolving, but due to lack of personalization in their communication, they are failing to engage the users. Users can be engaged with relevant updates on their financial plans that can be sent with proper user segmentation.

segmentation - healthcare notificationLet’s say you have an amazing child education plan. For this you need to target parents. Demographical information plays a vital role while sending updates to users. Or imagine you need to send upgrades in a plan exclusively to users who have opted for health insurance, the other users need not receive a notification reading ‘Pay for 12 months upfront in our health insurance plan and save 8%’. The table below will show a few properties that can be used to segment your users.




Visited Home page Yes/No
Logged in User Yes/No
Transaction stages completed Basic Cover
Employment Details
Nominee DetailsPayment Complete
Demographic Age
Marital status
Plans / Policies Health insurance
Family insurance
Retirement Plans
NRI Plans

Check out the different ways Banking industry can use web push to increase user engagement.

You can read in detail about this new feature to start segmenting your users in a jiffy.

User segmentation sounds interesting? What are you waiting for! Log on to iZooto.com and start segmenting your users!

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