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Automated User Tracking and Segmentation

This enables marketers to create powerful segments such as -

  • Users who have not visited the site in the last 15 days 
  • Users who have not clicked on last 5 notification campaigns 
  • Users who have not viewed the last notification campaign

More details soon.


Google Analytics Integration [Beta]

You could always track the performance of your push notification campaigns in Google Analytics. With this deep integration, you can now track even subscriber acquisition, track their browsing behavior and more. This feature is currently in beta and is being extended only on a request by request basis. Reach to to get access.

Additional Overlay in Subscription Templates [Coming Soon]

All the work @iZooto can be bucketed in three categories. 

  • Creating a better subscription experience for users.
  • Helping marketers send personalized notifications to users
  • Helping marketers track the impact of notifications and use that feedback to improve their communication

Overlays for subscription is a part of the first one. Overlays guide users towards what button needs to be clicked on to subscribe to push notifications. Think of this as guided CTA"s for push notification subscription. These will be available on both Mobile and Desktop and will help marketers improve their subscription rates.

Sept' 18

Subscription Templates for Mobile and Desktop

Users behave differently on mobile and desktop and there is no reason why the subscription experience on both the devices needs to be the same. You can now select a different subscription template for each device, customize the look and feel - change text color, background, add icons, logos and more. Read this for detailed steps on how you can get started.

Playbooks For Ecommerce - Automated Triggered and Personalized Push Notifications

Engage, Retarget and Retain your website visitors with pre-designed campaigns. Send personalized notifications and clock higher conversions, all with just a click

Jun' 18

Subscriber Location Data

Subscriber geo data for top 5 cities and top 5 countries on dashboard will be updated every 15 min.

May 18

GDPR Compliant Subscription Prompts

Three additional prompts, specifically asking for permission to track a subscriber's location and activity has been added to the panel. These would be shown to users from EU only. More details here.

Reporting Optimization

For every new campaign pushed, the audience reach (Sent) will now be updated within a minute. The number of notifications delivered (Delivered) will be updated as and when the subscribers receive them. This will also reflect under the Recent Campaigns.

Apr' 18

More Subscription Prompt Design Added

Two more subscription prompt templates, Sticky barand Bell, have been added to panel. To access this, go to Modify Subscription Prompt under the Settings options.

Recover Abandoned Carts (Playbook)

Send personalized notifications to users abandoning their shopping carts and drive sales. The playbook lets you send out a series of perfectly timed notifications in order to maximize your conversions.

Welcome Your Subscribers (Playbook)

Greet your subscribers with a series of welcome notifications. Create a seamless subscription experience and sweep them off their feet by running one-time offers, sharing discount coupons. Check out these welcome notification templates for inspiration.

Mar' 18

New Home for your Reports

This update drills down on campaign reporting, to help analyze campaigns easily. The performance of the campaigns can be monitored in a single view and thus helping you to create effective campaigns. Read more about the update here.

Jan' 18

Recurring Notifications with Hourly Frequency

You can now set up the recurring frequency to an hour. This further enhances the impact of your retargeting campaigns. The minimum duration for this is an hour. This feature is available only in Busines Plan.

Dec' 17

Extending Data History from 30 Days to 120 Days

Making life simpler for businesses with engagement cycles beyond 30 days. You can now store event data history upto 4 months. This feature is currently in Beta and open to select customers.

Introducing Progressive Web Apps [PWA] #New Feature

Starting today, users on iZooto will be able to convert their website into an installable web app. This feature will be available for websites operating on HTTPS. Existing users can update their Manifest files and convert their website into installable web apps.

Introducing Banner Images in Welcome Notification

Add banner images to your notifications and communicate more effectively. As a heads up, Banner notifications are only supported on Chrome (Android) and Windows.

Nov' 17

Schedule Reminders and Alerts for Upcoming Events

With the addition of two new options under Event Properties, you can now schedule and automate notifications for future events. Leran more about this update here.

Oct' 17

Adding Images via URL

You can now upload images by directly adding image URL. Images must be hosted on a secure URL (HTTPS). Supported format include - .png and .jpeg.

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