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Pulse is a personalized news feed that can be embedded within the app. Enjoy the benefits of Exit Intent Recommendations soon on your App. 

Dec 2023

Indicate Unread Notifications Easily

A "New" sticker, prominently displayed on the News Hub icon, effortlessly notifies your readers of any unread notifications, ensuring they never miss out on the latest updates and grab attention with ease.

Nov 2023

3 Different App Push Notification Templates

In the Android Newsroom template, the background image covers the entire area of the push notification and the text is overlaid on the image. In the Android Timer Template, harness the capability to display a countdown timer, allowing you to send timely notifications for upcoming events, sports matches, and more. 

Oct 2023

Email Newsletter

At iZooto, we understand the urgency for publishers to harness first-party data to sidestep the impending cookie apocalypse. Email is one of the best ways to build first-party data. 

Instantly instil credibility with the Google Opt-in. The simplified subscription feature simplifies sign-ups to just a single tap. If you are already using an email provider, you can easily integrate it with iZooto without any hassle. You can put this on auto-pilot using RSS feeds. Pick a template, customize newsletters to fit your needs, set email frequency and delivery times, and craft compelling content. 

Sept 2023

Sticky Notifications

With Sticky Notifications, your notification will not budge even when users clear all notifications. This means that while other notifications disappear, your notifications will still remain until the user interacts with it. Which translates to more clicks, more pageviews, and more revenue.

Aug 2023

Sticky Bar Recommendations

Show recommended articles to readers and keeping them engaged on your website for longer. The sticky bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen and shows six articles on both desktop and mobile devices. The Sticky Bar Recommendations is triggered when a reader scrolls to the second screen. 

July 2023

News Hub For Mobile Apps

News Hub is a dynamic notification center, spotlighting your most recent campaigns. With the News Hub API, you can build your own notification center inside the app. It is fully customizable and you can design it wholly based on how you want it to look like. We provide the data; you craft an engaging in-app hub tailored for your readers, fostering better visibility and engagement.

June 2023

Share on Whats App

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, now let your readers share an update on WhatsApp right from the notification you send. Get readers to share and garner more traffic to your website. 

May 2023

Show Ads on News Hub

Looking for different ways to monetize? Whenever a reader lands on a page and scrolls, an ad flies out from the News Hub icon. Increase ad impressions and clicks, maximizing your revenue potential. 

April 2023

Category-specific articles on Exit Intent Recommendations

Elevate reader engagement by plugging in category-specific feeds for tailored recommendations. Show article recommendations based on the page the reader is on.  Enhance content discovery and boost pageviews by catering to their specific interests.  Get better content discovery and an increase in pageviews. 

March 2023

RSS Automation

No more worrying about sending out breaking news notifications. Simply plug your RSS feed into iZooto, set the frequency of notifications and sit back and see readers getting back to your website. 

And yes, you can set up multiple RSS feeds. Think weather updates, sports updates, stock updates delivered automatically to your readers. This is saving newsrooms and small teams an insane amount of time.

Feb 2023

Ad Block Recovery

Effortlessly detect when a user is using any kind of Ad Blockers on their browsers. Guide them to disable it and start showing them ads on your website. Spot ad blockers effortlessly and encourage to disable the ad blocker. Also generate ad revenue which you otherwise would have lost. 

Jan 2023

Exit Intent Recommendations

The average page visit lasts a little less than a minute. With Exit Intent Recommendations, you can hold back your flyby visitors and nudge them to visit one more page. Fix your one-page sessions and convert your flyby visitors into engaged readers easily. 

Dec 2022

RSS Automation 

To have an edge over the competition, you need to be quick to notify users. With notifications sent through RSS, one does not have to switch between applications - one to view the stories (website) and the other to push notifications (iZooto panel). The notifications are sent automatically every time a new story is posted on the RSS feed.

Nov 2022

News Hub on App

We know how much you love News Hub. So we're bringing this popular feature to your app as well. All notifications you push out will be up on News Hub. Increase discovery. Simplify story discovery for your audience.

Sept 2022

Messenger AutoEngage

Reach out to subscribers directly inside their Messenger inbox with zero manual effort. You can now automate the notifications and focus on shipping out content, while we take care of the rest. Send up to five latest articles and provide an option for readers to get more articles pulled out for them in the Messenger inbox itself.  All you need to do is just plug and play your RSS feed!

July 2022

Messenger Engagement 

Convert your most engaged Facebook users into an audience every time they comment on your Facebook post. Publishers enjoy 12%-15% opt-in rates, constantly get high CTRs, and improve retention by 4X to 5X. Know more about Messenger push notifications here. 

May 2022

Smoother subscriptions across channels

Web and Messenger push notifications are your preferred marketing communication channel. It only makes sense to enhance the opt-in user experience.

Say goodbye to multiple user prompts. Users will now see the web push notification prompt first. Only after interacting with it will they see the Messenger notification prompt. This sequential approach ensures user experience is not hampered.

April 2022

Playbooks in a flash

We've optimized our Playbooks to load in under 30 seconds to save you precious time. This performance optimization will help you get more done, every day. Accessing your Reports will now be a breeze.

March 2022

Design your own News Hub icon

You own your brand's identity. Your audience finds that familiar. And so, you can now customize the News Hub widget for both desktop and mobile. Design your own icon, header color, and position to suit your brand guidelines. You now have full control of its design, size, and placement!

Feb' 2022

News Hub - A personalized inbox

Once swiped notifications never come back. Get your own personalized notification inbox for your website where you don't have to struggle for attention. Make it easy for readers to access important notifications and act upon them. Get more traction with the stories published on your website as it increases the lifetime of notifications. And you know what that means - more clicks, more page views and more revenue. More on News Hub

Dec' 2021

Right to left language support on subscription prompt

If your website is in a language that is written from right to left such as Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Urdu, or Sindhi, you can make use of the custom prompt and ask users to subscribe to notifications in your language.

This builds a sense of familiarity for the readers and maintains the uniformity and theme of your website.

Warning for duplicate campaigns

When you have a big team, it sometimes so happens that the same campaigns go out. This means a subscriber receives 2 notifications for the same story. Ouch.

We will now show an alert every time you send out the exact same campaign (the same URL going out). This warns you and helps avoid duplicate campaigns from being sent to the subscribers.

If you have updated the article and want to send out the same story, you can just ignore the alert and send it out to the readers.

Nov' 2021

Removing dead subscribers

Every time you push out a campaign, we will make sure that we remove the dead subscribers, leaving you with a subscriber base that is active and kicking. And it goes without saying that because of the regular real-time churn, campaigns go out to a subscriber base that is active, increasing your CTRs.

Oct' 2021

Send notifications with just the Title

Send notifications quicker. Unlike before, when both message and icon needed to be added without which notifications could not be sent, you can now just write a title and push it out. This saves time and also lets the reader grab the most important information and take action. The idea here is to keep the title short and crisp, add a banner image to grab their attention to get them on your website to read more. This is available for all the channels- web push, app push, and Messenger push notifications.

Sept' 2021

Newsroom template to boost engagement

Research suggests that the Title and Banner Image are the two most crucial elements to a notification when it comes to Publishers. Building on this observation we have introduced the Newsroom Template.

The Newsroom Template will have the banner image covering the entire notification. Text and the icon will be overlaid on the image. This template offers a clean, bezel-less experience, showing users the information in a go and would hence boost engagement. 

Quick response with Messenger Push Notifications 

If the user starts a conversation by dropping a message, an automated reply is sent as an acknowledgment. This assures the reader that the message has reached you and someone from the team will be in touch with them soon. 

Aug' 2021

Welcome message on Messenger push notifications 

Once a user subscribes to Messenger push notifications, a welcome notification would be sent to their inbox. This would be your first message on their Messenger inbox so make it a good one, something that prompts them to engage with you. Since it is an interactive medium you can keep the conversation going and send them relevant articles to get them going.

July 2021

Retarget abandoned subscriptions

There is a 95% abandonment rate on subscription pages. With the Retarget Abandoned Subscriptions Playbook, we aim to nudge readers that got distracted while completing their subscriptions and encourage them to complete the subscription process. Leading to, of course, an increase in subscription revenue. The Playbook gets automatically triggered the moment a reader drops off from the subscription page and sends a series of personalized notifications to subscribers who've left the sign-up to paid subscription process. Know more here.

June 2021

Making reporting easier with Google Analytics

Have you ever downloaded reports and tried matching numbers with the data in Google Analytics? Publishers can now connect their Google Analytics account with iZooto to track engagement metrics right inside Google analytics. They also get a weekly performance report with page views, session duration, and total sessions generated via iZooto. You can read more about it here.

May 2021

Content Recommendation Playbook powered by Kepler AI

This Playbook sends notifications based on the article consumed by the reader on a particular day, with a similar story at a time the reader is most likely to click. Publishers can now start suggesting articles just like a best friend would. Smart Parenting saw that Notifications sent through Kepler AI had returning visitors as high as 44X coming in, compared to organic. The AI playbook keeps powerful over time, as one starts using it. You can read more about the Content Recommendation Playbook here

Aug' 2021

Two new segments in the Audience Builder

  1. Last notification click- Target subscribers based on their engagement with push notifications. Create segments based on the last click of any subscribers in a specific time frame. If you set the Last Notification Click filter to reflect in the past 6 months, you will be able to target this specific set of readers. 

  2. Last website visit- This would give you a list of readers whose last website visit was in a specific range. Let’s say you want to create a campaign for readers who last visited your website between - July 23rd to 8th Aug. They could have landed on your website from any source- organic, direct, social, newsletter, and so on.

    The combination of the Last Notification Click and the Last Website Visit gives you a clear idea of who visited the website via a notification, helping you create better campaigns.

Mar' 2021

Break news with Show Latest

When it comes to notifications, as a user - less is more. For editors - more is well just not enough. But here’s the deal - Everyone wants to get ball by ball score updates. But no one ever said - send me 300 notifications. Like NO One. With Show Latest old notifications get replaced with new ones, making sure that only the latest notification is displayed. You can read more about it here

Dec 2020

Facebook Messenger Notification

Messenger Push Notifications are the clickable alerts delivered right inside Facebook Messenger. You can now reach your audience everywhere you can think of - iOS, Android, Tablet, Mobile, Desktop - Everywhere.

Messenger has 1.3bn active users and can get your engagement a click-through rate of up to 25%. Smart Parenting saw users return 8X times better than organic traffic in a span of 6 weeks with iZooto Messenger push notifications. 

June 2020

App push notifications as an iZooto offering

Leading brands such as Jagran, ABP, News18, Summit Media are already using iZooto to engage readers across mobile apps. Mobile app notifications is a powerful way for news and media businesses to remain on top of user’s minds. iZooto enables them to use app push better and faster. iZooo’s power push capability makes it faster with Power Push as it solves the problem faced with Chinese OEMs. You can read more about it here.

Apr' 2020

Recover your lost video watch-time using this new Playbook

The last decade was about mobile apps and sites. This one will be about COVID’19 and Videos. That's exactly why watch-time has become the new Session Duration. 

For an industry severely impacted by the low “watch time”, the new video abandonment playbook is expected to improve the stats. The playbook enables the media publishers to recover their lost video sessions by sending personalized and automated notifications after 5 minutes.

Mar' 2020

Recover abandoned tab in seconds

Most of the time a reader comes to the website, reads an article and disappears midway. iZooto's Recover Abandoned Tab Playbook to nudge readers and bring them back to the same page where they left. The new notification playbook helps publishers increase their session duration by nudging the dropped-off readers to get back. Publishers have seen CTRs up to 12%. You can know more about this Playbook here

The new notification playbook helps publishers increase their session duration by nudging the dropped-off readers to get back. The playbook gets automatically triggered once a tab is abandoned and sends a personalized notification to the subscriber after 1 minute.

Feb' 2020

Send Notifications at Flash-Like-Speed

We have made creating notifications easier than ever. Now once you enter the landing page URL, click on the “Fetch” button and it’ll create a notification automatically using the story. The notification can be further edited just that the title, featured image and the message will get auto-filled.

Jan' 2020

App Push Notification - Beta

Reach out to all your app users in real-time via App-Push notifications on Android devices and improve your brand recognition and increase user engagement. 

We currently support only Android Apps build on Android 4.3 and greater, and will soon be coming up with support for your iOS app.


Auto-fill your notification content, and make them more attention-grabbing with CTA icons and badge

This update changes the way you have been creating your notifications. Here is what that's new: -

1. Enter the landing page URL and watch your title and message get auto-filled.

2. Add icons with the Call-To-Action Buttons in your notifications and get more clicks.

3. Customize your notification badge for Android devices. Relace the default Chrome badge with your Brand's favicon. Badges are small grey icons next to your notifications, you see in your Android devices.



Convert your AMP powered page visitors to your audience

Your AMP powered pages normally get picked by google and draw in good traffic, but once these visitors leave there has been no way to drive them back to your website.

Time to change how it works!

Set up web push notifications for your AMP powered pages and convert your AMP powered page visitors to your website's audience, engage them with your latest content, drive them back to your website and watch your revenue grow.


Now create Playbooks from scratch or use our ready to use Templates

Playbooks are a series of automated notifications to help you engage, retarget and retain your audience and hence drive sales. You can now create Playbook from scratch or use the Playbook templates to address your industry-specific use cases.  You can even analyze their performance from the panel itself.



Updated Subscription Prompt interface

The new interface for working with Subscription Prompts is designed to deliver a better experience and adds features one need to make the most of Prompts. See what all you can now do:

  • Compare the Prompts: Customize the content and appearance of a prompt and efficiently compare the different designs and choose the best one.
  • Schedule Your Prompt: Time the first and repeat Promot your visitors receive on your website.
  • Set Device Wise Prompt Delay Time: Now independently control the delay time for all Mobile, Desktop and GDPR Compliance Prompts.
  • Preview Your Prompt: See how your Prompt will appear before you make them live.

To learn about what's new in the update read this blog. You can also refer the help document to understand how the updated Subscription Prompt and GDPR Compliance Prompt work.


Now Push Notifications on Opera and Edge

Your users on Opera and Edge can now be added to your subscriber list. This would mean a wider audience without bringing in more traffic and a chance to make more REVENUE 💰

Note: Opera ver. 42 & above and Edge ver. 17 & above are supported.

P.S. Go through the Update blog for adding support to Opera and Edge and check out what's new.


Manage your notifications as you write or update your posts in WordPress

From your WordPress account that is integrated with iZooto, you'll now be able to parallelly design the notifications as you write or update the posts and push them right away.

This update adds the following features to your WordPress account

1. On the Posts page in WordPress the iZooto notification will get auto created, as it'll pick: -

  • the first 35 characters of your post title as the notification title,
  • the first 50 characters of the post body as the notification message

2. You can even manually edit the notification content here itself

3. The notification gets published as you publish the new or updated post


Automated User Tracking and Segmentation

This enables marketers to create powerful segments such as -

  • Users who have not visited the site in the last 15 days 
  • Users who have not clicked on the last 5 notification campaigns 
  • Users who have not viewed the last notification campaign


Google Analytics Integration [Beta]

You could always track the performance of your push notification campaigns in Google Analytics. With this deep integration, you can now track even subscriber acquisition, track their browsing behavior and more. This feature is currently in beta and is being extended only on a request by request basis. Reach to to get access.

Oct' 18

Additional Overlay in Subscription Templates

All the work @iZooto can be bucketed into three categories. 

  • Creating a better subscription experience for users.
  • Helping marketers send personalized notifications to users
  • Helping marketers track the impact of notifications and use that feedback to improve their communication

Overlays for subscription is a part of the first one. Overlays guide users towards what button needs to be clicked on to subscribe to push notifications. Think of this as guided CTA"s for push notification subscription. These will be available on both Mobile and Desktop and will help marketers improve their subscription rates.

Sept' 18

Subscription Templates for Mobile and Desktop

Users behave differently on mobile and desktop and there is no reason why the subscription experience on both the devices needs to be the same. You can now select a different subscription template for each device, customize the look and feel - change text color, background, add icons, logos and more. Read this for detailed steps on how you can get started.


Playbooks For Ecommerce - Automated Triggered and Personalized Push Notifications

Engage, Retarget and Retain your website visitors with pre-designed campaigns. Send personalized notifications and clock higher conversions, all with just a click

Jun' 18

Subscriber Location Data

Subscriber geo data for top 5 cities and top 5 countries on dashboard will be updated every 15 min.

May 18

GDPR Compliant Subscription Prompts

Three additional prompts, specifically asking for permission to track a subscriber's location and activity has been added to the panel. These would be shown to users from EU only. More details here.

Reporting Optimization

For every new campaign pushed, the audience reach (Sent) will now be updated within a minute. The number of notifications delivered (Delivered) will be updated as and when the subscribers receive them. This will also reflect under the Recent Campaigns.

Apr' 18

More Subscription Prompt Design Added

Two more subscription prompt templates, Sticky barand Bell, have been added to panel. To access this, go to Modify Subscription Prompt under the Settings options.

Recover Abandoned Carts (Playbook)

Send personalized notifications to users abandoning their shopping carts and drive sales. The playbook lets you send out a series of perfectly timed notifications in order to maximize your conversions.

Welcome Your Subscribers (Playbook)

Greet your subscribers with a series of welcome notifications. Create a seamless subscription experience and sweep them off their feet by running one-time offers, sharing discount coupons. Check out these welcome notification templates for inspiration.

Mar' 18

New Home for your Reports

This update drills down on campaign reporting, to help analyze campaigns easily. The performance of the campaigns can be monitored in a single view and thus helping you to create effective campaigns. Read more about the update here.

Jan' 18

Recurring Notifications with Hourly Frequency

You can now set up the recurring frequency to an hour. This further enhances the impact of your retargeting campaigns. The minimum duration for this is an hour. This feature is available only in Busines Plan.

Dec' 17

Extending Data History from 30 Days to 120 Days

Making life simpler for businesses with engagement cycles beyond 30 days. You can now store event data history upto 4 months. This feature is currently in Beta and open to select customers.

Introducing Progressive Web Apps [PWA] #New Feature

Starting today, users on iZooto will be able to convert their website into an installable web app. This feature will be available for websites operating on HTTPS. Existing users can update their Manifest files and convert their website into installable web apps.

Introducing Banner Images in Welcome Notification

Add banner images to your notifications and communicate more effectively. As a heads up, Banner notifications are only supported on Chrome (Android) and Windows.

Nov' 17

Schedule Reminders and Alerts for Upcoming Events

With the addition of two new options under Event Properties, you can now schedule and automate notifications for future events. Leran more about this update here.

Oct' 17

Adding Images via URL

You can now upload images by directly adding image URL. Images must be hosted on a secure URL (HTTPS). Supported format include - .png and .jpeg.


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