Businesses we work with put their heart and soul in attracting visitors to their website - a place where they list products they want to sell or services they want to provide. Be it a 2 people team or 500 people large marketing department, we understand the craft and the effort it takes to put together a website that gets the job done. Marketers invest time, energy, money and pour their heart in setting up campaigns, optimizing for SEO and generating social buzz.

In late 2015, when Vivek, Neel, Shrikant and Sachin were helping ecommerce businesses with their user acquisition strategy, a unique pattern started surfacing - Most of the mobile apps were just not sticky enough to retain users. The web traffic on other hand showed no signs of slowing down and flaunted a reach which was twice of that of apps. At the same time adblockers, poor email open rates had only made user acquisition more difficult.

With this as the problem statement, we decided to start scratch up. The premise was simple - The browser is more than just another container to load HTML content. Somehow acquiring more users translated into sending more emails and doing more advertising. Performance of both these channels has shrunk over the years.

This was when we started our journey of building a solution that helps marketers create delightful experiences. Putting together two pieces - web push notifications and context.

iZooto is a Value SaaS business. We are committed to building our business capital efficiently. See here for more of Value SaaS manifesto.

The Founding Team

We are here to make you crush your numbers and make you look good. That's all that we want - to help you get the most of every ounce of energy, second and penny that you have invested.

Sachin Grover

Contributed to multiple start-ups at CXO/Founder's position. Worked with Microsoft, HP, Yahoo in the past. Understands technology and how it's connecting everything. Still growing. Lyricist, poet and performer.

Neel Kothari

In his career spanning across 12 years, Neel has worked with Industry leaders including the likes of Airtel, Spectranet to name a few. On to his 3rd startup journey in 7 years, Neel runs the show on Enterprise sales and strategic alliances. He is also the CEO at Datability. In his prior avatar, he was a national badminton player.

Shrikant Kale

Shrikant has over 6 years of experience in technology and product management, he has worked with amdocs, Idea Device in the past. He is an IIM Calcutta graduate, he leads product at iZooto. An avid biker, he has been to Bhutan, Rajasthan, Konkan on his bullet and plans to do a K2K ride soon.

Vivek Khandelwal

Vivek started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2009. After 7 years and 1 startup behind him, his time is now pretty much split between selling iZooto, cycling and reading on his Kindle. He is a IIT Bombay graduate with a degree in Chemistry. Apart from being on sales calls, he also obsesses about marketing and has been trying to tie them together ever since.

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