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Why We Exist

Because Your dependency on social media platforms back fired   

Likes and shares don't drive revenue, website visits do.

The social media platforms you have been using to distribute your content are designed to hold your audience back with them. A strategy that has helped Facebook and Google alone make 85% of the total ad revenue, shrinking your share of the pie. The only way out is to own your audience.

What's Our Forte

We help you convert your website traffic to your audience

iZooto is designed to help you own, engage, and retain your audience.  We understand your marketing needs and ensure that you can personalize and automate your engagement. Reach out to your audience directly, drive traffic to your website, and boost your revenue.


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Who We Are

We are free spirits, problem solvers, and above all - a team

Our journey has always been about people, hard work, and focus. But this doesn't mean we aren't fun - we have frequent parties, celebrate together the beautiful events in each other's lives, and even have sports day!


iZooto's journey towards
empowering customers


At iZooto, we know that the future for publishers lies in owning their audience. It is now more important than ever to create an audience base that publishers can reach out at lightning speed with relevant messaging and at the right marketable moment. Keeping their unique brand identity intact we strive to create a delightful experience for their readers, so that our customers can build and develop an audience that will retain.

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We Are Expanding. Join Us! 

We started off as a small team in 2016, and since then we have expanded both, our offerings and strength. We are always on a hunt for the right talent and would love to speak to you. See our current opening or drop us a mail at

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A Walk Through Our Journey And Milestones


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iZooto wins NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards 2020

The SaaS market is growing more than ever. New business models are emerging within the SaaS landscape and leading to further diversification of the market. At iZooto, we strive to make the publishers' life easier by helping them build, engage and retain their audience with push notifications. 


iZooto In Media


Delhi-based iZooto helped companies like and Koovs increase user engagement thirtyfold.


iZooto, has crossed $1 million in ARR and has under $100,000 in investment and zero equity dilution.


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