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At iZooto, we prioritize publishers. We ship features to make editors' life simple.  We help audience managers drive retention. In short, we care for you.


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Here's Why Publishers Like You Switch From OneSignal To iZooto


Developer First Push Notification Platform

OneSignal sells to e-Commerce, Fintech, travel - all categories but not publishers. It is neither built nor designed for publishers. OneSignal just "sells" to publishers.

  • Publishers are forced to buy Enterprise plans to use select features

  • Not built to support the scale and speed at which media businesses operate

  • The product roadmap never aligns to publishers' needs - audience engagement

  • Priced exorbitantly and forcing publishers to compromise on usability




Publisher First Marketing Automation Platform

iZooto is designed and built for editors and audience managers. The objective is simple - reduce publishers' dependency on Facebook and Google.

  • Engage with new content and retarget with content recommendations. iZooto lifts engagement by 30%   

  • Flexible Pricing helps Publishers do both engagements as well as audience Monetization - Not just with ads but also with subscriptions

  • Better aligned with publishers business models

Why iZooto Is The Right Push Notification Platform  For You


iZooto Recommends Content To Your Readers 

iZooto is not about just delivering push notifications. It's about getting the right story to the right reader. We get that personalization is hard, that's why we have automated it. Result - 10X better CTRs. Better Engagement, More Revenue.

iZooto's AI platform handpicks a story for each reader and delivers it to them at the time when they are most likely to read. The best part - it's No Code. Off the shelf integration.

When was the last time you got a 10% CTR on your notification campaigns on OneSignal?

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White-Glove Onboarding To Help You Build A Loyal Audience

Customers who came from Onesignal tell us that with iZooto, they got to ROI way faster. Our dedicated Onboarding and Account Management team help you put together an audience engagement strategy that drives up to 15% of your total traffic. 

At iZooto, you get a dedicated account manager who not only reviews your campaign performance but also helps your team build your push notification strategy. Training editors, SEOs, audience analytics- this all is part of the White Glove Experience you get at iZooto.

When was the last time OneSignal account manager reached out to help you with your push notification strategy?

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Get Readers From Where They Dropped Off

Readers not going through the entire article? Or not watching that interesting video that you had linked? Well, there might be various reasons why readers abandon your website, some even out of your control. But the question to ask - are you able to get them back again?

Recovering abandoned tabs and improving video watch-time are a couple of solutions that are readily available in iZooto. All you need to do is turn the switch on and iZooto takes over.

When was the last time Onesignal built a feature that solves a problem unique to you?

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Get Readers As Soon As You Hit Publish   

An editor's job is to publish quality content and not just send notifications. This is why we have Magic Notifications which ensures your notification is automatically created for every new post. All one needs to do is put the landing page URL and boom - your notification is ready. 

How's this helpful? Well, you can now reach your readers as and when you have published a new story. Get your readers back before anyone else and drive instant pageviews. All of this comes with iZooto's robust platform that can match your high-traffic websites.

When was the last time Onesignal helped you reach readers before your competitors?

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Best ROI in the Market

Let's be honest, you won't just buy a new tool because it's cheap. In fact, iZooto is considered to be one of the costliest tools out there in the market. 

But what if you are able to realize the ROI faster than any other tool? According to the G2 report, publishers using iZooto achieve their ROI 2X faster than those using Onesignal. So, if cost is a concern, we have got you covered there as well.

When was the last time Onesignal drove 20% pageviews for you?

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Switching to iZooto is Straightforward

Our migration experts make it easy for you to move to iZooto from OneSignal. We will - 



check-icon Import your active subscribers




check-icon Create your audience segments




check-icon Set up your notification strategy



Common Migration Questions


1. Will you import all my OneSignal subscribers?

Only active subscribers will be migrated to iZooto. For example, if you have 500K subscribers on OneSignal, you might only be able to see 450K on iZooto. The remaining 50K subscribers are churned and won’t be imported.


2. How much time does it take to migrate all my subscribers?

Subscriber migration starts as soon as your old subscribers start revisiting your website. They won’t be asked to re-subscribe and will be automatically added to your iZooto account. Subscriber migration in this case depends totally on how many subscribers you have on OneSignal and how many of that revisit.



3. Is there a way I can import all my subscribers in one go?

Yes, you can migrate all your OneSignal subscribers to iZooto in one shot. In this case, you would need to provide us with the VAPID keys (public and private) and VAPID endpoints.
*Please note that this migration process includes a minimal charge based on the number of subscribers to be imported. 



4. Is there anything that won’t be migrated?

We only import subscriber-related information such as device and location. Your previous campaigns and audience segments on OneSignal won’t be migrated to iZooto.


What Publishers Say About iZooto


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