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OneSignal is built with developers in mind; it doesn't have workflows, notification hub and content recommendations, features that are useful for publishers.



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Value Proposition

Geared for Publishers

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Does Everything Good, Nothing Great

Good for developers who want a unified place for emails, push notifications, etc.

No Monetization Only Engagement

Good for websites that are not publishers and not looking for additional revenue streams. 


No dedicated support & lack of features means you spend more money achieving less.

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A Marketing Platform for Publishers

iZooto offers - web, mobile app, messenger marketing, notification center, content recommendation - to help you engage and retain your visitors better.

Monetization + Engagement - a balanced approach

Our belief is - if your reader gets value, they will come back and monetization will follow. Our focus remains on delivering the best push notification experience - be it ads or content 

Value for Time & Money

We help you save time, all our services have been curated to help editors and publishers spend less time achieving more.

Features That Publishers Need


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Limitless Possibilities

Save More Time With The Right Tools

  • Custom Permission Prompt

  • Segmentation

  • Attractive Notifications

  • Workflows

  • Analytics

Switching to iZooto from OneSignal is easy

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Our migration experts make it easy for you.

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Why Publishers Love Us


Publisher Centric

iZooto is not just about delivering push notifications. It's about getting the right story to the right reader. With automated personalization get 10X CTRs.


Dedicated Support

A dedicated account manager not only reviews your campaign performance but also helps your team build your push notification strategy.


Best ROI

Publishers using iZooto achieve their ROI 2X faster than those using other providers.

Here is Why Users Have Switched From OneSignal to iZooto

“OneSignal had a good free plan but they had a limit of 10,000 subscribers this was a deal breaker, with iZooto we were able to not only have unlimited subscriber but also use all their features especially monetization which meant we were getting revenue from our audience” 

-Kumaran Pillai,

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